I’m here!

I haven’t disappeared despite the fact that I haven’t written.  My life has been totally boring without a single thing to talk about. 
This weekend was a fairly good weekend weather-wise.  Friday night was beautifully warm so we ate by candlelight on our balcony.  We also ate lunch on Sunday outside because it was so sunny out.  Lunch was made by the honey.  We had chicharrones, potatoes with ocopa sauce and lettuce and tomatoes.  It was a very peruvian meal.  What made it even more special was that he made it.
There was an open house on Sunday on a two bedroom that I went with Eduardo to.  Lets just say that we won’t be moving into a two bedroom soon.  They are still selling at approximately 50,000$ more than a 1 bedroom.  This seems like a lot more money for a tiny bit of extra real estate.  You get the extra bedroom (10×12) and a teeny tiny master bathroom.  I can’t stress teeny, tiny enough.  It makes our basic  bathroom look gigantic.  You also get a slighter larger kitchen/dining room but lose the separate laundry room.  Your laundry is in the kitchen.
We also went to the dentist on Wednesday.  I got a failing grade on looking after my teeth.  *sigh*  Despite, doing what I thought was a better job (inspired by Eduardo),  I ended up with one of my worse visits in a long time.  It was weird.  I could have sworn that I was more religious about brushing my teeth and was definitely more faithful on Mr. Listerine.   I guess we will simply have to try harder this time around.
We are still going to the gym regularly.  I wish I could say that it was resulting in the pounds melting off of me.  Sadly… this is not so.  I  keep telling myself that at least I am going to the gym and not sitting on my ass at home.  That is healthier for me.
I have been feeling less overwhelmed lately by the speed of life.  I think it has slowed down just a little bit.  We managed to find our dining room table this weekend and the majority of the kitchen counters!  That has been a major accomplishment.  Hopefully, we can keep everything clean during the week.  Usually, we tend to fall down near the end of the week because we just become overwhelmed by all the things we have to cram into our weekdays and try to make up for it on the weekend.  Of course, on the weekend, we are also trying to relax to recuperate from the prior week and get ready for the next week.
Life… slow down!!!  You are rushing by too fast.

4 responses to “I’m here!

  1. I know exactly how you feel.
    ~ FC

  2. Hi there!  Just stopping in for a sec, I’ve got to get back to working on the house.. It never ends!  LOL
    I’m with you on wanting life to slow down.  I wish I had the super power to make time freeze so that I could get caught up once in a while.  🙂
    HUGS  -Jen

  3.  I have never understood why the washer and dryer are in the kitchen or garage?? If I win the mega lottery and can build my own home I am putting the washer/dryer in my huge walk in closet!!! Where it should be!! Think about it…you just take them out of the dryer and hang them up! No packing them thru the house…and leaving them on the couch for the cats to sleep on….it makes total sense to me!!

  4. Hi there!  As far as them not fixing the porch…  I’m trying not to think of them NOT fixing it.  Between me, Shawn, and my dad (who has worked in the building industry since before I was born), I think we can convince them to add the 3 feet.  Also, we have only paid about 1/2 of the deposit and I let them know very nicely that we have the remainder (we are talking thousands of dollars) but I want to wait until the porch situation is resolved before coming by and dropping the check off, that way I can make sure the porch is acceptable during the same trip.  🙂  So we will see as the situation unfolds.  -Jen

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