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The weekend

After doing a fair bit of research, we decided to get a dish – specifically DirecTV.  Saturday afternoon, we waited patiently for them to show up in their window of opportunity.  Wouldn’t you know it… they show up 15 minute before the window ends.  Sadly, our patience did not pay off.  Somehow, the unit number didn’t show up on the work order and the installer had no idea that we weren’t a house.  They couldn’t install the dish.   

The good news is that we decided to visit our neighbour 2 floors down that had a DirecTV dish installed EXACTLY like we want it installed – attached to the railing with a bracket.  We talked to them about their installation and how it DIDN’T cost them extra money to get it installed like this and what to watch out for.  Tonight, we will be calling their customer service and making it clear exactly what we want.  We discovered that these installation guys do not necessarily have all the equipment they might need for any type of installation.  I am not particularly impressed with their installers.

The good news is that after spending 2 Sunday afternoons looking for shoes for work, I now have a pair of black sandals for work.  Up until now, I had 2 pairs of flip flops and white sandals.  Since I usually wear black pants, black sandals are a must.  Do you think your feet change over time?  I almost never fit into M width shoes this time around.  I did finally buy a pair of medium width shoes but most of them pinched my toes.  I never found a pair of regular shoes to use next fall.  I am actually considering going back to Sketchers and buying the same shoes that Eduardo bought.  He said they are totally comfortable and it is likely I could pass them off as women’s shoes.   Shoe shopping is horrible.  I can imagine anything worse than shoe shopping except perhaps being burned alive at the stake.  Often times, I can’t find shoes that are comfortable.  Or if I finally see something that I like, they don’t have my size. Or I think they are comfortable but after wearing them for a few hours I discover how totally comfortable they are not.  This time, we said money was no object and we looked at any and all shoes that were priced at 100$ or less.  This actually only ruled out one 200$ pair of shoes as I just couldn’t see myself spending 200$ on a pair of shoes for any reason

Eduardo and I tried to make escabeche this weekend.  This is a Peruvian dish although you can also find variations around the world.  Sadly, we couldn’t seem to figure out what a couple of ingredients were: pimiento picante and vinagre.  Now I know what vinegar is but there are several different types of vinegar out there and Eduardo didn’t know what kind of vinegar was equivalent to what they use in Peru.  I have Red Wine Vinegar, White Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, White Wine Vinegar and Cider Vinegar.  We ended up using Red Wine Vinegar.  Now as I am writing this, I think that pimiento picante is some kind of hot pepper.  I was thinking that pimiento was pepper – as in salt and pepper – but now I realize that the spice is actually pimienta.  That one letter makes all the difference in the world.  Ooops.  So no hot pepper got into it.  Only black pepper.    So we have invented a very yummy dish called escabechito *grin*  In other words, we ended up with something totally different than escabeche but he declared it ‘muy rico’.  In english – yummy delicious.  Some mistakes are actually good mistakes.


This is an automated post

I have decided to simply add a post every couple of weeks to my blog that says.  I am sick…. again.  That seems to be the story of my life this year.  Last year, I took almost no sick days.  This year, I have so far managed to hang on to half of my sick days but I have shown up many, many days sick to work and wishing I could just be in bed… at home. 
This week is a head cold.  Breathing through my nose is apparently not a functioning part of the body.  I also have a horrible headache from my sinuses being filled up.  Oh joy!  Hopefully this will pass much quicker than the one in January passed. 

Tragedy at Virginia Tech

Since this happened not so very far from this region, we are getting non-stop coverage of the shootings.  It is very tragic and I can not fathom how someone decides to go out and kill all the people that he attempted to and managed to kill.  So many theories are of course running around about the state of mind of this young man and about his parents and family.  Eduardo and I wonder if perhaps he was abused in some way by his parents.  We heartily disagree on whether or not this should be a factor in whether or not you go on a shooting spree.   There are many, many children who are abused as children and they manage to continue on and lead fruitful lives.  Abuse is horrible and should be endured by no one but abuse does not have to shape a person into a murderer or even an abuser.  They talk about his writings and how people should have known… but do people question the creative minds of Wes Craven or Stephen King or the guy that wrote Saw?  Some of those movies are extremely disturbing and yet no one is concerned that these writers are going to head out to Rodeo Drive and shoot up the street.  Writing is sometimes just writing no matter how morbid or gruesome it is.  It is extremely sad that he didn’t get the help that he needed.

I feel for the friends and families of those that were killed.  But most of all I feel for his family.  The family and friends of the victims will receive the support they need in their recovery from this senseless act.  The family will likely receive very little support.  Not only do they need to recover from the actions and suicide of their son, they will need to recover from the crushing guilt that maybe their actions or their words or their inability to see that anything was indeed wrong brought about their son’s actions.  They will be forever stigmatized as being that murderer’s family.  You can move beyond the victim label but how to move beyond your familial association with someone who does such an awful thing is beyond me.  I hope that they too can heal and some level of forgiveness is extended to them.  I fear that they will simply have their lives dissected by the media and fall to their feeding frenzy. 

A story…

Once upon a time, I had someone ask me to throw something out because it bothered them that I had it.  I obliged and threw the object into the garbage.  I had a cat that liked to take interesting things out of the garbage and play with them.  She saw this object and thought it would be a cool toy and stole it from the garbage.  Later on, I took the garbage and threw it in a big garbage bag and walked it out to the curb.   What I didn’t know was that this object was still floating around in my house.  I never saw the object again although it wouldn’t have taken much looking to find it.  Several weeks later, the person that asked me to throw it out discovered the object was still in my house.  They got angry and accused me of lying to them and trying to trick them in thinking I had done what I had said I had done.  Because they were angry, they destroyed something of mine that had great value to me(no monetary value – just emotional value) and was irreplaceable.

This is simply a story to disguise the innocent but the underlying concept of the story is true.  I thought I had gotten rid of something that ended up accidentally not being gotten rid of.  The person did destroy something of mine that was very valuable although only valuable to me and 100% irreplaceable.  I can not get back what they destroyed.

I made a mistake.  Perhaps if I had of taken more care, I would have realized that I hadn’t done what I said I was going to do but I didn’t take that extra step to ensure that my task was carried out.   As a result of that mistake, it looked like I had lied and betrayed this person.  In their anger, they hit back and did something that they knew would hurt me.  I don’t understand that.  Yes, I hurt this person but it was by accident.  At worse, it was because of neglect because I didn’t check that everything was actually done.  Am I wrong in thinking that hurt by accident is not in the same category as hurt on purpose?  Am I just being too petty or am I being too easy on my actions and too harsh on theirs? 

This person has apologized but I am not certain that I am over their betrayal.  I have told them that I accept their apology but I am not sure that I forgive them.  All I know is that our relationship was changed by their actions and will likely remain changed for some time to come.  I am sure that they feel the same way because I don’t think they believed me when I said I had thought I had completed the task.


Easter was a very busy weekend for the two of us.  I actually had a vacation day on Friday.  Woohoo!!  I had scheduled doctor’s appointments for Eduardo and I in the morning.  His was just an annual exam and I had a wonderful mammogram/sonogram.   Everything checked out fine and I just need to make another appointment in 6 months.  We were supposed to go by and pick up some paperwork at the lawyers but he wasn’t ready so we dropped by the mall for a couple of hours to waste some time and grab a bite to eat.  It ended up that we couldn’t JUST pick up the paperwork at the lawyers.  He needed to discuss it with us.  2 hours later, we walk out!  Our entire Friday was basically spent doing appointments.  We got some Godiva chocolates as an Easter present to each other and enjoyed them Friday night!
Saturday, we were lazy.  We did groceries and exercised.  I can’t think of a single thing that we did that was productive.  In fact, I can’t remember anything unproductive that we did.  That is sad.  Oh wait…. in the morning, we watched a movie called "The Ron Clark Story"  Excellent move!!!
Sunday,  we went to church.  We have a new pastor.  He is a nice guy.  Both of us agree on that.  Unfortunately, we both agree that the sermons are too long and neither of us understand the point of the sermons.  I am very sad about this because if it continues we might end up looking for another English church.  I really don’t want to do that because I have many friends at this church after attending for 8 or 9 years.  I am not sure what I am going to do.  Eduardo and I are also looking for a church that has Spanish services.  We were thinking about going by this church where we attended a baby shower.  Surely, it has Spanish services and I was sure it wasn’t Catholic.  And we were right.  We went to some friends of Eduardo’s for a traditional Easter Sunday lunch and what comes up but where they go to church.  Apparently, they attend the very church we were discussing and yes, it has Spanish services and no, its not catholic.  We will be going next weekend!  We spend the entire afternoon with his friends.  It was a good time.  We spend so much time there in the afternoon that it left us trying to squish the chores we were supposed to do into the evening.
All in all?  A good Easter.
PS.  On the road to improvement!


I have been so sick this week.  It started Monday, about mid morning.  Diarrhea and bad abdominal cramps were the first symptoms followed by the persistent desire to throw up.  I ended up going home and I was miserable all day and night.  Tuesday started with the persistent feeling of wanting to throw up, toss in some more cramps and we weren’t feeling that good.  Eventually that seemed to clear up except for the wanting to throw up all the time – it had moved down to Stage 2: Only wanted to about half the time.   Woohoo!!! Improvement.
Tip #1: Don’t drink soda if you are nauseous.
This tip comes from personal experience last night.  About 15 minutes after drinking said soda, I was in bed hoping against hope that I would keep all contents of my stomache IN my stomache and they would not end up in the bucket that Eduardo so graciously put by the bedside.  My prayers came true and everything stayed in.
This morning…. I simply feel a little nauseous.  Hopefully I will continue on my road to improvement.

April Fool’s Day

My ex and I have always enjoyed April Fool’s Day.  I believe it all started when I woke up one Saturday fairly early on in our relationship and realized that a)it was Saturday and he was working and b) it was April Fool’s Day.  So I called him up and told him that the hot water heater wasn’t working and I couldn’t take a shower.  Now getting a hot shower is VERY important to me so sounding like I was in tears because I couldn’t take a shower it not as way out there as it seems.  The fact that he totally lost his cool over this was also not as way out there as it seems because he had been recently upset that out landlord was not fixing something in our bathroom.  So… he lost his cool, I played him along a bit then told him it was April Fools, he gotten even madder and hung up on me. 
That is how our tradition of fooling each other on April Fool’s Day has started.  It even ended up with a few rules.  For example,  only one joke per year allowed.   Whoever gets to it first nixes the other person’s plans.  The joke always, always involves a phone call and nothing more than that.
According to Mike,  I have tended to have gotten him more than he has gotten me.  I know I have definitely gotten him a few times although I don’t remember what my jokes were.  I know that some years, I have started several weeks in advance trying to figure out what the phone call should be about.  I do remember the times he has gotten me.  He has gotten me good.  This year, for whatever reason, I totally forgot about April Fools Day.  I guess I have been just so wrapped up in what is going on in my life that it slipped my mind. 
But did Mike forget??? Absolutely not…. and he got me hook, line and sinker.  The phone call started out with, "You’re not going to believe this but I am going to be a daddy"  But I did believe it!!!!  Here I am commismerating with him on this surprise when he finally says to me, "Do you know what day this is?"  It took me a few seconds and a few choice words followed when I realized that I had totally been had.
Next year??? I am so going to get that man!!!