April Fool’s Day

My ex and I have always enjoyed April Fool’s Day.  I believe it all started when I woke up one Saturday fairly early on in our relationship and realized that a)it was Saturday and he was working and b) it was April Fool’s Day.  So I called him up and told him that the hot water heater wasn’t working and I couldn’t take a shower.  Now getting a hot shower is VERY important to me so sounding like I was in tears because I couldn’t take a shower it not as way out there as it seems.  The fact that he totally lost his cool over this was also not as way out there as it seems because he had been recently upset that out landlord was not fixing something in our bathroom.  So… he lost his cool, I played him along a bit then told him it was April Fools, he gotten even madder and hung up on me. 
That is how our tradition of fooling each other on April Fool’s Day has started.  It even ended up with a few rules.  For example,  only one joke per year allowed.   Whoever gets to it first nixes the other person’s plans.  The joke always, always involves a phone call and nothing more than that.
According to Mike,  I have tended to have gotten him more than he has gotten me.  I know I have definitely gotten him a few times although I don’t remember what my jokes were.  I know that some years, I have started several weeks in advance trying to figure out what the phone call should be about.  I do remember the times he has gotten me.  He has gotten me good.  This year, for whatever reason, I totally forgot about April Fools Day.  I guess I have been just so wrapped up in what is going on in my life that it slipped my mind. 
But did Mike forget??? Absolutely not…. and he got me hook, line and sinker.  The phone call started out with, "You’re not going to believe this but I am going to be a daddy"  But I did believe it!!!!  Here I am commismerating with him on this surprise when he finally says to me, "Do you know what day this is?"  It took me a few seconds and a few choice words followed when I realized that I had totally been had.
Next year??? I am so going to get that man!!! 

2 responses to “April Fool’s Day

  1. I can hear your wheels turning from here! Poor guy’s not gonna know what hit him next 4/1!!
    Take care. Hope you’re doing well….

  2. I used to be this way with my best friend in high school JW… only it was for Valentine’s Day and the lovey romantic stuff. I don’t think I told you but I just found out in February that he died from an over dose on drugs. He joined the marines after high school and I hadn’t been in touch with him since. Scary how things can change. I miss him very much.
    ~ FC

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