I have been so sick this week.  It started Monday, about mid morning.  Diarrhea and bad abdominal cramps were the first symptoms followed by the persistent desire to throw up.  I ended up going home and I was miserable all day and night.  Tuesday started with the persistent feeling of wanting to throw up, toss in some more cramps and we weren’t feeling that good.  Eventually that seemed to clear up except for the wanting to throw up all the time – it had moved down to Stage 2: Only wanted to about half the time.   Woohoo!!! Improvement.
Tip #1: Don’t drink soda if you are nauseous.
This tip comes from personal experience last night.  About 15 minutes after drinking said soda, I was in bed hoping against hope that I would keep all contents of my stomache IN my stomache and they would not end up in the bucket that Eduardo so graciously put by the bedside.  My prayers came true and everything stayed in.
This morning…. I simply feel a little nauseous.  Hopefully I will continue on my road to improvement.

One response to “Ick!

  1. Get well soon!Hugs,~ FC

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