Easter was a very busy weekend for the two of us.  I actually had a vacation day on Friday.  Woohoo!!  I had scheduled doctor’s appointments for Eduardo and I in the morning.  His was just an annual exam and I had a wonderful mammogram/sonogram.   Everything checked out fine and I just need to make another appointment in 6 months.  We were supposed to go by and pick up some paperwork at the lawyers but he wasn’t ready so we dropped by the mall for a couple of hours to waste some time and grab a bite to eat.  It ended up that we couldn’t JUST pick up the paperwork at the lawyers.  He needed to discuss it with us.  2 hours later, we walk out!  Our entire Friday was basically spent doing appointments.  We got some Godiva chocolates as an Easter present to each other and enjoyed them Friday night!
Saturday, we were lazy.  We did groceries and exercised.  I can’t think of a single thing that we did that was productive.  In fact, I can’t remember anything unproductive that we did.  That is sad.  Oh wait…. in the morning, we watched a movie called "The Ron Clark Story"  Excellent move!!!
Sunday,  we went to church.  We have a new pastor.  He is a nice guy.  Both of us agree on that.  Unfortunately, we both agree that the sermons are too long and neither of us understand the point of the sermons.  I am very sad about this because if it continues we might end up looking for another English church.  I really don’t want to do that because I have many friends at this church after attending for 8 or 9 years.  I am not sure what I am going to do.  Eduardo and I are also looking for a church that has Spanish services.  We were thinking about going by this church where we attended a baby shower.  Surely, it has Spanish services and I was sure it wasn’t Catholic.  And we were right.  We went to some friends of Eduardo’s for a traditional Easter Sunday lunch and what comes up but where they go to church.  Apparently, they attend the very church we were discussing and yes, it has Spanish services and no, its not catholic.  We will be going next weekend!  We spend the entire afternoon with his friends.  It was a good time.  We spend so much time there in the afternoon that it left us trying to squish the chores we were supposed to do into the evening.
All in all?  A good Easter.
PS.  On the road to improvement!

2 responses to “Easter

  1. glad you had a good easter.  take care! ~rey

  2. Congrats for being on the road to improvement. Persistence pays!!
    Take care…

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