Tragedy at Virginia Tech

Since this happened not so very far from this region, we are getting non-stop coverage of the shootings.  It is very tragic and I can not fathom how someone decides to go out and kill all the people that he attempted to and managed to kill.  So many theories are of course running around about the state of mind of this young man and about his parents and family.  Eduardo and I wonder if perhaps he was abused in some way by his parents.  We heartily disagree on whether or not this should be a factor in whether or not you go on a shooting spree.   There are many, many children who are abused as children and they manage to continue on and lead fruitful lives.  Abuse is horrible and should be endured by no one but abuse does not have to shape a person into a murderer or even an abuser.  They talk about his writings and how people should have known… but do people question the creative minds of Wes Craven or Stephen King or the guy that wrote Saw?  Some of those movies are extremely disturbing and yet no one is concerned that these writers are going to head out to Rodeo Drive and shoot up the street.  Writing is sometimes just writing no matter how morbid or gruesome it is.  It is extremely sad that he didn’t get the help that he needed.

I feel for the friends and families of those that were killed.  But most of all I feel for his family.  The family and friends of the victims will receive the support they need in their recovery from this senseless act.  The family will likely receive very little support.  Not only do they need to recover from the actions and suicide of their son, they will need to recover from the crushing guilt that maybe their actions or their words or their inability to see that anything was indeed wrong brought about their son’s actions.  They will be forever stigmatized as being that murderer’s family.  You can move beyond the victim label but how to move beyond your familial association with someone who does such an awful thing is beyond me.  I hope that they too can heal and some level of forgiveness is extended to them.  I fear that they will simply have their lives dissected by the media and fall to their feeding frenzy. 


2 responses to “Tragedy at Virginia Tech

  1. Believe me, I live far away yet the tragedy has been on tv nonstop. I don’t see how repeating the same stuff over and over is helpful. I want to know about an event but I hate how tv shows it so much. Yet, like a train wreck, I couldn’t stop watching! I agree with all of your statements in this posting.

  2. I agree with you about the shooter’s family.  I try not to stereotype, but isn’t it part of Korean culture to be more quiet and even seemingly "withdrawn" by American culture standards?  I wonder if some of his "warning" behaviors were overlooked or missed because people attributed them to the more stoical culture?
    It is a shame that this happened, and no matter what, that guy was 100% in the wrong no matter what his reasons were.  😦

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