The weekend

After doing a fair bit of research, we decided to get a dish – specifically DirecTV.  Saturday afternoon, we waited patiently for them to show up in their window of opportunity.  Wouldn’t you know it… they show up 15 minute before the window ends.  Sadly, our patience did not pay off.  Somehow, the unit number didn’t show up on the work order and the installer had no idea that we weren’t a house.  They couldn’t install the dish.   

The good news is that we decided to visit our neighbour 2 floors down that had a DirecTV dish installed EXACTLY like we want it installed – attached to the railing with a bracket.  We talked to them about their installation and how it DIDN’T cost them extra money to get it installed like this and what to watch out for.  Tonight, we will be calling their customer service and making it clear exactly what we want.  We discovered that these installation guys do not necessarily have all the equipment they might need for any type of installation.  I am not particularly impressed with their installers.

The good news is that after spending 2 Sunday afternoons looking for shoes for work, I now have a pair of black sandals for work.  Up until now, I had 2 pairs of flip flops and white sandals.  Since I usually wear black pants, black sandals are a must.  Do you think your feet change over time?  I almost never fit into M width shoes this time around.  I did finally buy a pair of medium width shoes but most of them pinched my toes.  I never found a pair of regular shoes to use next fall.  I am actually considering going back to Sketchers and buying the same shoes that Eduardo bought.  He said they are totally comfortable and it is likely I could pass them off as women’s shoes.   Shoe shopping is horrible.  I can imagine anything worse than shoe shopping except perhaps being burned alive at the stake.  Often times, I can’t find shoes that are comfortable.  Or if I finally see something that I like, they don’t have my size. Or I think they are comfortable but after wearing them for a few hours I discover how totally comfortable they are not.  This time, we said money was no object and we looked at any and all shoes that were priced at 100$ or less.  This actually only ruled out one 200$ pair of shoes as I just couldn’t see myself spending 200$ on a pair of shoes for any reason

Eduardo and I tried to make escabeche this weekend.  This is a Peruvian dish although you can also find variations around the world.  Sadly, we couldn’t seem to figure out what a couple of ingredients were: pimiento picante and vinagre.  Now I know what vinegar is but there are several different types of vinegar out there and Eduardo didn’t know what kind of vinegar was equivalent to what they use in Peru.  I have Red Wine Vinegar, White Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, White Wine Vinegar and Cider Vinegar.  We ended up using Red Wine Vinegar.  Now as I am writing this, I think that pimiento picante is some kind of hot pepper.  I was thinking that pimiento was pepper – as in salt and pepper – but now I realize that the spice is actually pimienta.  That one letter makes all the difference in the world.  Ooops.  So no hot pepper got into it.  Only black pepper.    So we have invented a very yummy dish called escabechito *grin*  In other words, we ended up with something totally different than escabeche but he declared it ‘muy rico’.  In english – yummy delicious.  Some mistakes are actually good mistakes.


One response to “The weekend

  1. I’m hungry.  Reading your post made me realize that I need food.  🙂  ~rey

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