The installation that keeps on charging…

Have you ever heard of the story where a guy installs a huge grill then discovers that its too big from the patio so needs to build an entire new patio so that it will fit.  So the 200$ grill ends up costing 5,000$ by the time all is said and done.  Ok.. this story isn’t that bad…
It was sort of like that for us this weekend.  So we got our DirecTV installed.  This is a racket.  We had to pay the installer 75$ (direct to the installer) on top of whatever DirecTV was paying him in order for him to install a metal post with a single metal ziptie type holder.  I would be surprised if the metal post cost more than 10$ and I am sure the little ziptie thingie didn’t cost more than 2$.  What makes this even stranger/funnier/weirder is that the previous guy would have done it for 50$ extra if he had the right equipment.  I thought that was a rip-off but this was even worse.  As a side note, they were running an ad in the paper for DirecTV installers saying you could make 800 to 1600$ a week… and now I understand why!!!  You are double-dipping.  You get paid by DirecTV and you get the people ordering to also pay you.  Eduardo is thinking this might make a good new job.  I am thinking that too!!!!
So we install DirecTV and have their receiver instead of Cox’s.  As we rapidly discover, we really counted on that clock on the old reciever.  The new receiver didn’t have a clock and it started driving us batty within about 5 minutes.  So we decided to head out to find ourselves a cheap clock to put in the entertainment center.
First we go to Kohls.  We pick Kohls because its close to Whole Foods and we needed to go there to pick up some things.  Did you know that Kohls doesn’t sell alarm clocks?  But we didn’t get out of Kohls unscathed.  In the process of looking for clocks, we found welcome mats.  We don’t have a welcome mat because we have never found anything that we liked so our front door looks barren and fairly unwelcoming.  We found a cute little welcome mat that has 6 little cats on it that surround the words welcome.  Very cute.  Very inexpensive.  We also found a mat shaped like a cat that has a little microphone in it.  When you step on the map, it meows.  I kid you not.  On sale for 3.99.  We have a little indoor/outdoor mat on our balcony.  Its last legs left about a year ago but once again… we hadn’t found anything we wanted to replace it with.  So we purchased both door mats for about 15$.
We head to Whole Foods…. what an experience!!!  That store definitely encourages you to spend, spend, spend.  We managed to get out of there without breaking the bank. 
Next, we go down the street to WalMart.  Surely Walmart has clocks??  I went looking for clocks while Eduardo set-up camp in the music area.  After two go arounds in the silly store, an employee takes pity on me and shows me the clock aisle.  We got our 10$ alarm clock but sadly didn’t get out of the store with just the alarm clock.  I found "Bat out of Hell" by Meatloaf and overcome with a sudden yearning to listen to something from the past, I purchased it.  CDs are definitely getting cheap.  It was only 10$.
I didn’t know that there was anybody in the this world (that was roughly my age) that hadn’t heard of Meatloaf.  He’s a classic.  He was wildly popular when I was in high school and university.  Even if you didn’t know exactly who the artist was… you had at least heard his songs on the radio… Paradise by the Dashboard light, Two out of three ain’t bad, Hot Summer Night or Bat out of Hell.  Right?  Believe or not, Meatloaf was not in South America.  Eduardo had never heard these songs nor had he ever heard of Meatloaf.  There are so many songs that we  both know from the 70s and 80s but apparently this was not in his experience.   So although this was a blast from the past for me, it was a totally new thing for him.  He really liked the CD and loves Paradise by the Dashboard light.

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  1. Meatloaf rocks!  🙂

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