My love affair with the sun

One of the main reasons why I bought my condo was because it faced west and I would get the afternoon/evening sun and be able to watch the sunset.  This has been working out great!!! On nice sunny days (even on warmer days in the winter) we can sit out in the afternoon on our balcony or even into the evening.  I love the fact that the sun shines into our condo in the winter and gives us the maximum amount of daylight that is possible.  I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sunny condo.
Before they switch over to heat in the winter, this wonderful sun ensures that we don’t suffer from the few cold nights that occur before the switch.  But… this is a double-edged sword.  In the spring, before they switch over to the AC, this lovely sun makes our condo a bit of a living nightmare.  This lovely sun beats down on our condo and turns it into an oven for about a week.  They have the AC turned on now.  Unfortunately, its not quite working.  The central chiller is not chilling the air so the house is not cooling down.  We figured this out last night when I turned on the AC for 3 hours and the temperature in the house went up 4 degrees. 
*sigh*  Its not making things totally uncomfortable but we aren’t exactly happy campers either. 

One response to “My love affair with the sun

  1. I understand!  🙂
    In unrelated news, I think I am going to buy stock in calamine lotion!  (you poor thing!)
    HUGS  -Jen

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