Stock in calamine lotion going up…

I am on a one woman crusade to keep the company that makes calamine lotion in business.  Yep… I have poison ivy again!
A week and a half ago (or so), Eduardo called me to say he had been working outside again at work.  He wasn’t sure if he saw poison ivy or not.  Not a problem.  You simply won’t touch me until you get in the shower.  And he didn’t.  We drove home and went to the gym without one handholding touch or anything else between us.  I made him go immediately to the laundry room and strip off all his clothes and put them right into the wash.  He then went from there directly into the shower.
About a week later, he showed up with poison ivy.  At that point, I hadn’t exhibited a single itch or bump.  The other two times, I ended up with poison ivy before him.  I was even doing a little gloating about how I escaped.  Isn’t there a saying… He who laughs last, laughs loudest.  My honey is probably going to be laughing the loudest because my first little bump showed up this morning on an itchy spot that I had been scratching for a couple of days.  If that scratching is any indication then I should be getting some on my back too.  I am hoping this is a minor break-out as it was a minor break-out for him too.
Right now I am laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation.  I suppose if I get covered in poison ivy I will not be laughing very hard but for the moment, I am seeing the funny in the situation.

3 responses to “Stock in calamine lotion going up…

  1. I have poison ivy too. Last weekend I went hiking in shorts and am now paying for it. I definitely sympathize with you! Take care hun!
    Hugs,~ FC

  2. I’m gonna start calling y’all "Itchy" and "Scratchy"!!

  3. I hope it is passing quickly.  Thinking of yoU!

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