Health Insurance

The health insurance system drives me nuts at times here.  Sometimes I do not understand how these companies work and why they like to inflict angst on their customers. 
When we got married, I filled out the little form that the insurance company provides to add Eduardo to my insurance.   This was a no brainer because I don’t have to pay for health insurance – not even for family health insurance.   I realize how incredibly lucky I am and thank my lucky stars that I was grandfathered into the old way.  New hires in my company do pay for a chunk of the cost of their healthcare and it is not cheap.
So… I fill out this little form.  On this form, they give you a chance to declare other health insurance coverage for the new dependent.  Eduardo had no other health insurance so naturally I put none.  Makes sense doesn’t it?  And you would think that means that he doesn’t have other health insurance right?  Apparently not.  The insurance company has just sent us notice that they have denied his first two claims (for an annual exam and resulting blood work) because either
a) They need to know if he has other health insurance benefits and won’t process his claim until they find out (hello??@?@!! didn’t I tell you on that form?
b) They have co-ordinated the benefits coverage with the other insurance company and they haven’t paid any of the claim because the other company has.  What other company??!?@?  I told them he had no other *&%^%*() health insurance.
I kid you not!  This is what the comments area said for the reason for rejection.  Those two items are mutually exclusive!!! You can’t possibly do both so they could only have denied it for one reason… not both.  So we get to call the insurance company and figure out what the heck is going on.

2 responses to “Health Insurance

  1. I’ve often had to fight with insurance companies.  COBRA coverage is especially fun (and expensive).  GRRR.  There HAS to be a better way!

  2.  Our insurance company always did that to us when Roy worked…sent a form to fill out that asked if we had any other company backin’ us….It may just be a formality. And not anything to work about. Ask around at the company to see if that is the case. We don’t get them now after he retired, a different company handles retired folks.
     Have a great day!!

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