Cell phone lost its memory

The SIM card on my cell phone went.  I guess it was just its time.  I made a call right after work.  30-40 minutes later, I went to call Eduardo to tell him I was there to pick him up and it said "Check SIM".  I thought to myself, "Hmmm… this can’t be good…."  And it wasn’t.  We went immediately to a TMobile store.  The SIM card was toast and there was no way to get any information from it.  I lost my entire phone book.  This is a little distressing because most of the numbers in that phone book are not in my head and not written down anywhere.   Some I can get from other places but most are simply going to have to wait until the person calls me. 
Occasionally, it occurred to me that not having these phone numbers in a different place was likely a bad thing.  But you know how it goes with life…. you just put these little things off because in the back of your mind you have this little thought that NOTHING is going to happen to your <insert item here>… so a few more days, weeks, months is hardly going to make a difference.   Right?  Wrong…..
Anyways… not a catastrophe…. just an annoyance.  

One response to “Cell phone lost its memory

  1. That totally sucks.  I would feel so frustrated.  Especially having to re-enter all those numbers.  Yuck.  BTW, How in teh world do you get Poison Ivy TWICE in a row???  That’s nuts. 
    Hope you’re not itching too bad.  Take care. ~ Rey

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