Worry is a misuse of the imagination

I love this quote.  I have no idea who it belongs to but it has been sitting on the sign outside of the baptist church that we drive by everyday.
It is so true.  I worry a lot.  When my worry is cranked up, I can imagine things that are so much worse than reality.  If I really get my teeth into a problem, the next thing I know, I have managed to create a chain of events that have predicted the end of the world.  Ok… so maybe not that bad but I can think up some pretty creative bad things that can happen out of whatever bad turn of events that I am worrying about.
Luckily for me, I have never married a man that is a worrier.  I seem to attract men that are relatively laid back and worry very little.  Occasionally, this trait drives me absolutely bonkers but I think things would be worse than a worrier.  I can only imagine what kind of stuff we could imagine together when we started feeding off of each other’s worries.  That proverbial mole hill would turn into Mount Everest in just a few minutes.
Over the years, I have tried very hard to get a grip on my imagination and worry less.  There is only so much you can do about life’s events.  All you can really do is attempt to manage what is managable and hope that if something goes wrong… you can deal with it.  There is no point in looking for trouble by thinking up possibilities.  Trouble will drop by easily enough without your help.  Sometimes, I have my worry under control and other times?  Other times… I could afford to put my imagination to better use.
PS. It seems that this outbreak of poison ivy was very light.  Its been a week and I have only ended up with a few spots on my legs and a few on my back.  It seems avoidance of the honey managed to keep the worst of the attack away.

3 responses to “Worry is a misuse of the imagination

  1. I am a major worry wart.  Always have been, even as a small child.  I wish that I was less anxious, I know things would be so much better that way.  Oh well!  Now I am probably going to start worrying about my worrying!  LOL
    Perhaps you have started to build an immunity to poison ivy?  I am not sure there is such a thing, but maybe?  🙂
    HUGS, Jen

  2. Just in case you are interested, it belongs to Dan Zadra.I have been using it on my email signature for a few years now.Simple yet powerful – the way things are supposed to be.

  3. I also have used this quote on my email. It works for me when I start grinding my teeth.Great entry – and coming from a fellow worrier – very true! There is only so much you can do about life’s events, and you can only be So prepared. I like how you say you could afford to put your imagination to better use. I feel a new quote in there someplace. I hope you will visit my travel blog – where worry and panic are my bedfellows of late as we prepare for a 31 day European self-planned tour – with kids. My quote: "Worry is panic on steroids!" But for some reason, that quote doesn’t calm me!http://www.WhereAreTheBaxendells.blogspot.com

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