New bedroom.

Last weekend, we decided to rearrange the bedroom.  Or rather I told him I was thinking about it but wasn’t sure if the furniture would fit in a different configuration.  For some time, it has been bothering Eduardo that the bed was placed right in front of the window.  He felt that the bed would get cold in the winter (windows are drafty) and it was bad for your health.  I didn’t really care one way or another so if he wanted it some other way…. what did it matter?
So I told him I had done some measuring and the furniture didn’t look like it would fit conveniently any other way.  So we measured some more together, did some discussing and decided to try to just move a couple of pieces of furniture and see what it looked like.  We ended up moving ALL the furniture and even swapping a piece between the living room and bedroom.  The end result appears to give us more room.  I don’t think it actually gives us more room… I think it just looks like it.  Because the bed no longer dominates the view from the doorway, I think it lets your eye travel further into the bedroom and gives the impression that the other end of the room is further away.
I think eventually the next step is to repaint it.  We can be a little lazy on the weekends so I expect that eventually is some time away. 
This weekend…. we are heading out to the church retreat!!!  We are heading out Saturday morning and coming back Sunday afternoon.  Sometimes I will stay until Sunday night or Monday morning but I think this is sufficient.  It will give Eduardo a chance to experience what it is like to go camping (ok… not totally roughing it) by sitting around the fire and roasting marshmellows and doing some hiking and all those kinds of things along with interacting some of my friends.  I also wanted to keep the time a little bit short because I didn’t want to totally overwhelm him either.  I am looking forward to going.  This is likely going to be my last year.  Both of us have agreed that the new pastor is not for us.  He is a nice guy but his sermons are away too long and they are a torture for both of us.   They are a little hard to understand and lots of times I don’t feel like I even understood the point because he jumped off on a side path or two.  Imagine what it must be like for Eduardo if I can’t understand it.  Starting after Memorial Day, we will be looking for a new English church.  I found a Church of the Brethern fairly close by so I am going to try that.   It is also Anabapist so I hope that its traditions/beliefs/etc are somewhat similar to what I am used to.

One response to “New bedroom.

  1. Some times moving things around makes all the difference in a room. I’m thinking about rearranging a few things as well.
    I hope you and Eduardo have fun on your trip this weekend. Eat a marshmellow for me! lol
    ~ FC

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