Spider bites and other things

The weekend started out fairly slow but gradually snowballed into one packed Monday.

We started out the weekend by going to the gym bright and early on Saturday morning.   After that, we packed up the car and headed out to the church retreat.  We got there just before lunch.  We spend the first part of the afternoon in the pool.  After that, we headed up to Tiger Rocks.  This is an extremely difficult climb once you reach the trail head.  It is extremely steep and wouldn’t surprise me if it was at a 45 degree angle or steeper near the end of the hike.  Eduardo thought it was a bit challenging whereas I was basically tortured and sweat just dripped off of me.   It was worth the pain to see the view from the top.  You can see the entire valley!!!  Eduardo asked me why I did it when it was obviously a very tough hike for me.  I replied, “To prove I can.”  We stayed up there for 30 minutes before coming back down.  We got back just in time for supper!

The evening was rather lazy.  He got a bit upset about something so I left him in the room ignoring me and went to see some of the variety show that they put on during the retreat.  When I got back to the room, he was back to his happy self so we decided to head back to the fireplace so I could show him how to roast marshmallows.  Both of us love to eat raw marshmallows so I figured he would love roasted marshmallows just as much as I did.  *sigh* I roasted the perfect marshmallow for him – golden brown all over – and he pronounced it, “Yucky!”  I couldn’t agree with him, I absolutely love gooey, golden brown marshmallows.  After that, we swung on the swings for a bit then headed to bed.  

The next morning, I helped with breakfast then it was the church service, a shower, a walk then lunch.  After lunch, we packed up, paid our bill and went to the pool.  Unfortunately, after about 20 minutes they kicked us out because they heard thunder.  We hopped in the car and headed home.

Sunday evening was a quiet evening.  I think we were pooped.  We went to the pool in our condo, did our dirty laundry and lazed around.   On Sunday evening, I discovered that my little bug bite was turning into a big bug bite.  It was turning into a two toned red circle with the inner circle being bright red and the outer circle being pale pink.  A little concerning.

Monday was BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.  We started out the day by going grocery shopping.  We had absolutely nothing in the house.  We followed that up by working out then going grocery shopping at a different store.  We had two full trunk loads of groceries.  YIKES!!!!  After the groceries were put away, I decided to work on putting up shelves in the kitchen.  A friend of mine asked me what I needed as she wanted to give me a wedding present.  I told her I needed shelves for the kitchen.  We headed to IKEA a couple of weekends ago and she bought me what I needed.  I installed the shelves with Eduardo helping.  We now have two shelves above the fridge to hold some large pots/appliances and decorative metal tins that I use to give away Christmas cookies and other things.   This freed up two different shelves in our pantry so all of our pots and pans are stored away and not on top of the fridge and stove.  It has also allowed us to get the food that we stored between the wall and fridge into the pantry.   Now all that is stored next to the fridge is a case of beer and a case of soda.  After almost 18 months of empty space above the fridge, it is a little weird to see the shelves there.  We ended the day with cooking his lunch, our suppers and our breakfasts.  This probably took us an hour or so in total.   By the end of the day, I can say that we were pooped.

I also noticed that the bug bite was continuing to grow.  It was now 1 ½”  by 1 ¼” in size.  Tuesday morning, it was 1 ½” by 1 ¾” in size.  It was also ugly looking.  I had a brown circle in the center followed by a narrow white ring then a big red ring and a pale pink ring.  It hurt to touch the center and you could feel a big bump.  I decided to head to the doctor on Tuesday.  I went to the doctor and they were certain it was a spider bite.  Because I didn’t see the spider that bit me (I assume it was when I was sleeping) and the reaction was unlike anything the doctor had ever seen, they decided to treat it like it was a brown recluse spider bite.  Brown recluse spider bites can be pretty dangerous if left untreated so I don’t think they wanted to take any chances.  They gave me antibiotics to take.  Today, the pale pink outer ring is gone so I only have the inner rings.  It is down to ¾” by ½” in size.   

And that is all for now!


3 responses to “Spider bites and other things

  1. It sounds like you had a nice weekend (with exception of the bite). I hope your spider bite continues to disappear.
    Hugs,~ FC

  2. YUM!  Roasted marshmellows!  Eduardo just needs a little more time to get used to it.  They’re so delicious!  Glad to hear things are going well (except the bite).  Take care.  ~rey

  3. A spider bite?  HOLY COW!  Nature isn’t kind to you, is it?
    The retreat sounded amazing.  I’d love to do something like that.
    Hugs, Jen

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