Graduation Ceremony

Last night, I attended Eduardo’s graduation ceremony from English classes.   He does not attend classes at a school but attends classes subsidized by a Catholic church in our area.  The ESL program there is very organized and quite large.  It is also incredibly cheap!!! Each semester they have over 100 students.  At the end of the year, they award students with certificates for the classes they attended and perfect attendance.   Eduardo went up with his Advanced Class and received his certificate for attending 29 classes since January.  He also received back his exam on Tuesday and got 92.2% on it.  He did very well and was one of three students that received over 90%.  I am definitely the proud wife. 


Congratulations Eduardo if you are reading this.  I am very proud of your accomplishments! 


I am also the happy wife because he is finished classes for the summer.  He may take a short conversation class in July but he doesn’t know yet.  I am happy for the break because I would like to do something else on Tuesdays and Thursdays besides drive him to class and wait for his class to end.  It is a love/hate thing.  I want to support him and help him but I would also like to just hang out and do my own thing without having to spend two nights doing his thing.  Yep… love/hate.   I feel bad having these mixed feelings because I often wonder if I am being selfish for even thinking them. 


2 responses to “Graduation Ceremony

  1. Congratulations to Eduardo!~ FC

  2. Hurrah for Eduardo!
    Is there anything near by that you could do while you wait?  I am a book-a-holic, as soon as I read about the free time I thought of all the books I could read while waiting.  I don’t get near the reading time I once had B.C. (before children) and I miss it!  🙂
    I am so happy for Eduardo, congrats on his educational achivements!
    HUGS, Jen

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