A week already???

Where does time go?
Lets see if I can remember everything I might have done during the last week….
Last Thursday, we dropped off some items at our church yard sale.  I wish I could say we were organized enough to give them everything but we weren’t!  Saturday we thought of several things that we had forgotten but it was too late by then.  We also picked up my mail at the church.  In my mail box was a gift certificate by some friends for our wedding.  We got a 75$ gift certificate for Bed Bath and Beyond.  We have been spending the last week trying to figure out what to do with it.  Initially we thought we might get some dishes.  Bed Bath and Beyond had some nice dishes in the contemporary square design that we like and in a colour that we thought we would like.  Sadly, it was considerably more than the gift certificate and we are trying to not spend money that we don’t need to spend.  *sigh*  But when you think about it, our dishes are perfectly serviceable so we don’t NEED new dishes.  So… I browsed through their website looking for more ideas and came up with… KNIVES!  Yep… knives.  We have knives…. knives that we could literally throw at each other without worry about hurting the other person.  They do the job… more or less…. but lets be honest… you can’t slice a tomato in this house unless you use the bread knife.  All of my knives are 10 years or older.  I did bunches and bunches of research on knives over the last week.  I discovered that there are knives and then there are the crown jewels.  That’s right, some knife sets are worth about as much as the crown jewels of Queen Elizabeth.  Who knew that knives could be so expensive??!!?!  So… in a very methodical method, I decided to research from the bottom up to get to the cheapest knives I could find that had consistently good reviews.  I figured at some point, the money was simply not going to buy that much better of a knife so why spend it.  The 75$ is still not going to buy us a knife SET but it will buy us some open stock knives to replace the ones that we are in dire need of replacing… like say the bent knife or the knife with the broken off tip.  Indeed, that is the state of some of the knives that we use.  Besides, the knife sets seem to include steak knives which we just don’t use (except as knives to cut up veggies).  That seems like a waste of money.  I selected the Calphalon Contemporary set.  I wish I could say that it was the stainless steel set which look VERY cool but they cost twice as much and I am not paying twice as much just for the appearance.  Call me cheap but that is a little ridiculous.
To make the most of our gift certificate we are going to buy our knives over a period of time. *evil grin here*  Bed Bath and Beyond are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS sending 20% off any single item coupons to our house.  We just got one yesterday.   Normally I throw these out so we don’t have any stockpiled but every time we get one, we are going to head to BB&B and buy the next knife in our set.  I figure this will let us get 4 knives.  3 of the more expensive ones and then maybe the cheaper paring knife.  Ok, enough about knives.
Over the weekend, I decided that I was going to start on Christmas presents for the kids.  I had purchased some material that had a kids book stamped on it.  Each page has a colour on it and pictures of items that are that colour.  For example, red has pictures of roses and balloons.  All of the pictures have their names underneath it in English, Spanish and French.  I had bought it to make for Eduardo’s little girl.  Over the weekend, I realized that Eduardo’s little girl and my nephew are exactly 4 days apart in age.  If it was appropriate for her then it would be appropriate for him.  He lives in Canada where English and French are the official languages so the multilingual part of the book would work for him too.   We bought another book and some batting and I sewed them up this weekend.  They are super cute.  All I have to do is redo the ‘spine’ of the book as I only basted it in place to begin with and hand sew the openings I used to turn the pages the right way out.
I think Eduardo wants to buy a doll for his little girl.  If that is the case, I will probably make some doll clothes for her.  We have also talked about making some Pink Panther pyjamas for his little boy.  He loves the Pink Panther and wants a costume.  These aren’t available but I suggested that maybe we could make pyjamas instead.
Over the weekend, Eduardo and I picked out a pattern for me to make a quilt.  We are using the quilt that my grandmother gave my parents at their wedding.  This was like 40 years ago.  It is almost in perfect shape.  There is one material that Grandma used that has worn significantly more than others.  Most of these pieces have little holes in them.  This quilt has a lot of sentimental value so I don’t want to wear it any more than it already is.  So… we are making a pieced cat quilt.  This could be fun or a nightmare depending on how you look at it.  I think it is going to be made of some 3000 pieces.  ARGH!!! I am loco.  Anyways.  It needs like 140 cats on it.  The original pattern shows each cat made out of a different material.  Umm… that is not going to happen.  I am going to try to make 3 cats out of each piece of material and scatter them throughout the quilt.  I looked through all of my scraps and the scraps I received from my grandma and found about 35 different materials that we thought were appropriate.  I think I might ask mom if she wants to contribute some material.  If not, I will go to the store and buy some.  Hopefully, this weekend I will start cutting out the cat materials in the right shapes.
If there is more… I have forgotten about it.  Have a great weekend everybody.

2 responses to “A week already???

  1. I am LOVING the knife buying method!  I am going to "borrow" it from you.  🙂
    I wish I could sew or quilt.  Shawn bought me a low-end sewing machine so that I could teach myself and I have quite a bit of fabric purchased now, and yet… Practically nothing!  I started a t-shirt quilt for my sister, I have the top finished (I used her little boy’s old t-shirts), but stalled out when it came to the batting and sewing the back on.  I have no clue how to get it all through the machine evenly – without bunching or snagging.  -Sigh-
    Maybe once things settle down some I can take a class.  🙂

  2. They have Halloween costume patterns for things like bears or cats. You could make a Pink Panther costume with one of the patterns using pink fleece. It’d be nice & warm in December. Dad may have an issue with the little boy wearing pink, tho! hahaha I think it’d be cute, tho.

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