Raindrops are falling on my head…

But wait… I’m inside!  I went to grab my workout bra from the laundry room and stepped in a big puddle of wet.  My first thought was that the washing machine or the taps behind it had started leaking.  I turned on the light to survey the damage.  As I am staring at the water on the floor dumbfounded, I realize I hear this very small… splish… splish…. and the water on the floor looks like splatter.    The water is actually leaking from the light socket.  We are in a top floor condo so the only person at fault for water coming through the ceiling is the condo.  This is actually a good thing because I can simply call the office and they will deal with everything including fixing any damage.  The water pipes above the condo leaked right about when I moved in.  For you long time readers, you will remember that on the day I took possession of the condo, I discovered a caved-in ceiling in my front closet.  Anyways, back to the story.  I kicked a bucket under the leak but didn’t have time to clean up the water.  In the morning?  You have got to be kidding.  It is all we can do to make it on time for his pick-up. I called the emergency service on the way to the car.  This is an emergency right?  Believe it or not, they called back WITHIN 5 minutes.  Hopefully, they will resolve the issue today.


This weekend was a bit of a short weekend because Eduardo had to go to work on Saturday morning.   I did groceries and picked up our very first knife – the 5” Santoku.  I don’t like the way it cuts baby carrots but other than that… works great!  One small glitch that I didn’t anticipate is that it is a hair too big to fit in the knife block that my brother made for me.  For the moment, we are storing it in the drawer.


I spent a good part of my weekend cutting up little pieces of material.   After realizing that it takes close to an hour to cut out each cat (7 of the 21 pieces needed for each cat), I decided that I needed less cats on this darned quilt.   I ‘redesigned’ the quilt to include a much larger border around the edge and put two broad sashes down the quilt from top to bottom so that the cats will be divided into 3 sets.  This got rid of the need for 30 cats and 63 little bitty pieces.  I managed to cut out 25 cats this weekend or almost ¼ of the quilt.  I haven’t managed to convince Eduardo to cut out any cats.  He thinks that it is hard or I wouldn’t be spending so much time doing it.  It is not hard, just time consuming because you need to be exact.  My goal is to try to cut out 3 or 4 cats every night this week.  We will see if I manage to accomplish that goal this week.  I have almost enough material for all the cats.  I am not going to duplicate any of the cats in the individual sections so I need 50 different pieces of material for the middle section.  After I get all the cats cut out of the material that I have, I am going to figure out how many more pieces of material I need and see if I can talk Mom into giving me some of them (or maybe even all of them).  Wouldn’t it be totally cool if she would give me some?  This would be a quilt made out of 3 generations of material: mine, my mom’s and my grandmother’s.  After that… it is cutting out the background pieces and then piecing it together.


We did a bit of swimming this weekend.  I even got in the pool despite not having gotten in water above my knees in like 10 years.  I do not particularly like to be in water that is over my head.  We swam back and forth a little bit doing some laps.  I feel a few muscles that I had forgotten existed.  It was fun and I am glad that we did it.


Sadly, the weekend is over and it is back to the work week.


2 responses to “Raindrops are falling on my head…

  1. 😦 That stinks about the water leak, at least they appear to be on top of things this time!
    I can’t wait to see photos of the quilt as it progresses.  Could you post photos of the cats when you can?  I am trying to picture them in my mind.  I know it is going to be an amazing quilt!
    HUGS, Jen

  2. There’s an epidemic of my friends having house issues! Must be the moon….

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