1.  Leak in roof was fixed by the time we got home.  We now have a brown ring around the light socket.  I am not quite sure how much I care about this.
2.  37 cats are cut out.  I am now 1/3 done the cat material.  Pictures.  I might try to do that although I am lousy at putting up pictures on my blog.  This seems to require some kind of organization that I simply don’t possess.  I figure it will take at least another month before I have enough pieces cut out that I could start sewing on one of the three sections of cats.
3.  At long last I have figured out what is causing the pain in my underarm and this on-again-off again lump that I have had for 2 years.  I discovered that it is connected to my birth control cycle.  When I am taking the real birth control pills, the lump gradually starts growing until it reaches its height right before I take the fake pills.  Almost exactly 1 week before the end of the real pills,  if the lump is going to give me pain… it will start then.  It is almost so precise that I know if I don’t have the pain by Sunday there will be no pain this month.  After the week of fake pills,  the lump is totally 100% gone.  And the cycle begins again.  I have absolutely no idea what this means but I need to get to my doctor to find out.  I hope it doesn’t mean that I need to go off the pill.  Eduardo and I aren’t quite ready to be thinking of possible pregnancy.
And that is all that is on my mind that I wish to share for today.

One response to “Miscellaneous

  1. Thank you for the well wishes.
    ~ FC

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