A belated update

I can not believe how fast time flies.  I have had things to write about but simply haven’t gotten around to writing about them.
Last Saturday, we went to Eduardo’s company picnic.  It was a simple affair but I enjoyed it.  They divided the employees up into teams and they had a little soccer tournament.    Sadly, Eduardo’s team was horrible and didn’t get the past the first game.  Men and women from the upper management team did a Korean BBQ.  They had pork and beef, rice and some other things that I simply didn’t recognize.  It was all delicious.  While I was on the sidelines watching Eduardo play, another woman started talking to me.  She was very friendly and I enjoyed her company a lot.  Afterwards, I discovered that she was the wife of someone that works on his team.  After the soccer game, we all sat together and ate lunch.  We then played some picnic type games like the three-legged race and the sack race.  I have no idea what race I got involved in but our team lost and we won some soap.  I have to admit that I am glad we lost.  The winning team won lemonade makers and that would not have been very useful in our house.   Despite staying in the shade all day, I ended up looking like a lobster.  Currently, I am peeling a little on my face *sigh*
This week was my week for embarrassments I think.  Saturday morning before the picnic I got up and put the kettle on to make some coffee.   Eduardo and I got into a big discussion and it totally slipped my mind (for several hours?) that I had put the kettle on.  Needless to say it was burned dry and blackened on the bottom.  Thank goodness I didn’t hurt the stove!  I would like to say this was the first time I had ever done this but it wasn’t.  Mike can attest to the couple of times I burned it dry on a regular burner and had to pry the kettle off the coils with a knife.  VERY SAD!  So… we decided to get an electric kettle with an automatic shutoff to replace the kettle that was now officially dead.  Did you know these guys are made out of plastic???  We are the proud owners of a black, plastic electic kettle that boils water lickety-split.  You hear that mom?  Next time you visit, you don’t have to wait 10 minutes for your coffee.  And now… neither do we!!
We have been taking advantage of our swimming pool.  Somehow, Eduardo has managed to convince me that there is nothing to fear in the pool and I should get it and do a bit of swimming.  Every day, we either work out in the gym or go swimming.  We actually swim laps and last night we were having little races.  Last night, we started to head to the pool and it was really cloudy and a few rain drops started to fall.  No life guards were on duty so we went back home assuming the pool was temporarily closed.  I took off my swim suit bottoms and switched over to undies but hadn’t gotten around to doing anything else.  About 45 minutes later, the sun was out so I suggested we go to the pool again.  I grabbed towel and pool pass and went on down.  It was open so we swam for about 30 minutes.  We come back home and I am stripping off my wet clothes (I wear a long Tshirt) and what do I see?????? Not bright blue swimming bottoms but bright orange underwear!!!!  I went swimming in my underwear.  I go running to where Eduardo is and I say, "You won’t believe this but I went swimming in my underwear."  He looks at me like this is no big deal and says, "I know".  I am like why didn’t you tell me and his response is "What for?"  How practical.  Him telling me would have done nothing other than freak me out and to be honest my underwear covered no less than what my swimming bottoms did.   Still a little embarrassing!!!
And back to the picnic.  Eduardo and I have had a bit of a hard time with socializing.  We rarely go out with my friends because he is uncomfortable speaking English.  We rarely go out with his friends because he has no desire to invite them over.  We go out only if they invite us.  I don’t push too hard because they are his friends – not mine.  I don’t mind seeing them but neither do I seem to have made really good friendships with any of them.   Eduardo gets along with the husband of the girl that I met at the picnic.  I suggested to Eduardo that he invite them over for an afternoon/evening.  We can enjoy the pool together (they don’t have a pool and wish they did) and have a BBQ or just something simple for supper.  Maybe this could be the start of ‘our’ friends.  We need some ‘our’ friends that both of us are comfortable being with.  He invited them to our place for next weekend!  I am excited.  We haven’t done much socializing and sometimes I feel a little lonely.  Does this mean we have to clean up the house??? Ok… the house is clean… but a little messy. 
PS.  Senor Campos is fine. He arrived back at his house on Wednesday.

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