Random Thoughts


I absolutely hate/fear spiders.  I have this incredible phobia that extends to not even being able to kill them.  My ex said I even had a spider yell.  If I yelled his name in a certain tone he knew that I had ran into a spider and he needed to come down pronto to kill it.   Eventually, he didn’t need to come down and kill it because that spider yell brought one of our cats running and she usually killed it before he could get there.  The condo really hasn’t had spiders in it.  Once, last summer, we found a spider on the balcony and Eduardo killed it.  Sunday night, I saw the biggest freaking spider I had seen in a long time scurry across the living room floor.  Big and gordita!  I yelled for Eduardo and he grabbed his work boot and killed it.  I was terrified it would scurry off before he could get there and kill it or he would miss it.  Either of those options would have had him hunting high and low for that critter until it was killed. 



Or not!!! I get a letter dated June 21st saying that I hadn’t graduated and was missing a class.  They are correct.  I never took the class.  What I got was a signed petition for waiver and substitution of course.  Everyone that was supposed to sign it signed it.  This means that they allowed me to take a different class with similar content rather than the required class.  The counselor said I had everything I need to graduate.  I expected to graduate in May.  So they send me a letter saying that I could graduate if I fixed the problem by the semester after application.  Just one small problem with that!!! They didn’t send me the darned letter until AFTER the following semester was over. Umm… yeah… real helpful.  So I have been calling for the last 2 days trying to get someone in the right department to take my call.  So far all I have managed to do is get forwarded to voice mail.  I have left 3 different voicemails for three different people and not one phone call back.  ARGH!!!!


Wedding pictures

Sadly, I don’t think many wedding pictures are going to make it on to the blog.  I might put some up of just me.  I put everything up on snapfish and then sent an email to JUST my family to let them know.  He was like… how could you do that.  I’m like… it is my family.  They probably want to see pictures.  He does not like people seeing his photos.  Snapfish has all these cheesy little gifts that you can make from the pictures.  I also noticed you can make memory books from your pictures also.  I talked to Eduardo and I am going to make up a little memory book with our photos in it.  I like this better than making up my own book.  I think I would get stumped by all of the options I have and not be able to figure out what to do.  This little application gives me just enough options to put out something nice but not so many options that I drown in them. 


One response to “Random Thoughts

  1. Shawn also hates/fears spiders and seems to passing it on to Colleen, who also freaks out when she sees them.  I am the official spider killer in our house.  My rule is that I will kill it if it is inside, but if it is outside, it gets to live.  Kind of an our territory/its territory thing.
    That STINKS about graduation.  Keep us posted when they finally get it straightened out.
    I would love to see even one picture of you as a bride, but would also love to see your groom!  Shawn doesn’t like pictures of himself either.
    HUGS!  -Jen

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