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Pins and Needles

So we were getting all excited about the kids coming to the US on the visa lottery when Kelly calls Eduardo Saturday night to tell him that she has just realized that the embassy didn’t take the receipt to show that she paid the fees.  We are back on pins and needles wondering what that means for the visa.  Their passports were left at the embassy to have the visa put in them and then they were going to get mailed via DHL.  I guess we need to wait on the celebration until they get their passports!
And on to a different pins and needles….
Since they are moving here from so far away, they obviously are not going to be bringing much with them.  This includes furniture, kitchen items, bedding, towels, you name it.  They will likely just bring clothes and favourite toys.  I decided to make the kids some quilts for their bed since they won’t have any bedding.  These are going to be SIMPLE quilts (not like the one I started making for our bed) that I can hopefully finish before they arrive.  We picked out the material Saturday for the little girl’s quilt.  Her favourite colours are pink and turquoise so that was what we selected.  I already have pics of the material I selected.  It is just a matter of getting it up on the blog.  I have all the ‘pink’ blocks cut out which is about half of the main part of the quilt.  I should be able to start sewing it some time this week.  His quilt will feature Pink Panther because he is a big fan of Pink Panther.  His quilt wil be primarily blue and black with a little bit of pink thrown in.

Step-mommy hood is coming closer

I am excited and nervous about some news I received yesterday.
Some background information:
The visa lottery is where a country gets a certain number of US permanent resident visas to give to its citizens.  The US embassy in that country receives applications for this pool of visas (usually WAY more than the number of actual visas) and from these applications, they randomly pick applicants.  These applicants then have to go through a qualifying process (ie.  can they get a job? do they have money/a sponsor to survive and so on) to get the actual visa.
The mother of Eduardo’s children applied for the visa lottery this year and received one of the visas.  This means that within 6 months she has to travel here with the children or her visa expires and she loses the opportunity.  In 6 months or less, I will be meeting her and the children for the first time.   This is exciting and a bit nerve wracking.  I expect to be helping Eduardo with setting her up where ever she ends up.  We have been talking about moving to West Virginia or Raleigh, North Carolina in a year or two.  I know that Raleigh has a significant amount of high tech industry so I could easily get a job.  I also know that housing is really cheap in comparison to here.  We have been doing some research on new housing and you can get a 3-4 bedroom house for less than the mortgage on my one bedroom condo.  In fact, you can buy 2 small townhouses (about 1100 – 1300 square feet) for the value of my condo.  Is that not totally insane????  I am positive that salaries are not half the salaries of the DC area.  Right now, the thought is to set her up in Raleigh where there is a Hispanic community, jobs and cheap housing.  Then when we can move, we will move down to Raleigh to be closer to his children.
This is going to shake things up in our life.  I don’t even know how it is going to change things because I have never been in this situation before.  I am excited to be meeting the children and am looking forwarding to being a family of some type with them.  I am also nervous because other than some babysitting when I was a teenager, I have never really been involved with looking after children.  That is scary.  Of course, I am also nervous that Kelly will not be friendly towards me.   I am not expecting best friends or anything but a civil relationship would be good.  Most of all, I worry that with the children so close (yet sort of far away) that our relationship will be left behind in his eagerness to reconnect with the children.  I worry that he won’t want me to be a part of that relationship and I will be left out in the cold with no family at all – including a husband.
I can’t help but feel that this could be a positive thing for everyone, especially Eduardo.  He misses his children so much.  I know that he wants them to be closer.  I hope that all of us can find our way in this new situation and come out of it stronger and united despite being a mixed family.
Does anyone know anything about Raleigh and what we could expect if we moved there?

It died a quiet death

We bought a new vacuum cleaner last night.  Our last one was on its last legs some time ago.  The hose and the pole didn’t stay connected and the on button had broken off permanently.  Last weekend, what little bit was left of the on button broke again.  When I announced that it was time to buy a new vacuum, Eduardo was protesting, “But… but… it still works “. Yes, you could still turn it on… but… really…. just because something is still working doesn’t mean you should still use it.


The vacuum cleaner was about 10 years old.  So you can appreciate that perhaps it was not the latest in technology.  Vacuum cleaners have really changed in the last 10 years!!! We bought a little Dirt Devil Vision canister.  It weighs absolutely NOTHING!!!!  It is also one of those bagless vacuum cleaners.  I didn’t realize that this technology had really caught on.  Just about all of the vacuums out there are bagless now.  I was really feeling a little out of touch as I looked at this new technology that I didn’t even realize existed.  Ok… I knew bagless vacuums existed but I didn’t realize that this ‘new’ thing was no longer new but normal. 


So, Eduardo has a new vacuum to clean the house.  I gave it a little test drive last night and it seemed to work great.  It might be the only time I touch the vacuum this year because he has taken on the job of doing all the vacuuming.

I have graduated!!!!!! Another Happy Dance!

I think a while ago I blogged that I didn’t graduate because the college believed that I hadn’t completed all the requirements.   I received the letter June 21st.  I have been calling and calling and calling since then in order to straighten this problem out.  Yesterday, I finally gave up trying to deal with the registrar’s office and picked someone else that seemed more important and call them.  After a nice little call to the Dean of Student Development, I received a call from the manager of the person I was trying to deal with.  She told me that it did appear that they lost my paperwork but it was now scanned into the system and I could be certified to be graduated.   If I didn’t hear from her by Monday to give her a call.   2 hours later, I received a call stating that I had been certified and I was officially graduated!!
At last!!!  I have been looking for a part-time job as a translator and I can finally say I graduated from this program.  In the fall, I am heading back to school to take a class in Spanish Translation.  Life is going to turn into a whirlwind when that happens because both of us will be in school!!!

4 Generations

I don’t know if having 4 generations of women alive in a family is important or even special.  For me, it has always felt special.  I always thought that it was cool there that we were 3 generations of oldest children that started with the birth of my Grandma C.  I don’t know if Grandma Q is an oldest child.  I never thought to ask.
When I got married the first time,  all 4 of us were at the ceremony and it was with great pleasure that I was able to get a beautiful picture of the 4 of us that I have cherished for many years.  Now, only my Mom and I are left.  My Grandma C passed away over 10 years ago and Grandma Q passed away at least 2 years ago. 
I had my 4 generation picture up in the condo but it came down in June when friends of Eduardo came to visit.  Eduardo feels that wedding pictures of me (even without the groom) are inappropriate and he didn’t want them in the main part of the condo.  I felt such sadness that I would not be able to have this treasured picture in the condo (except in the bedroom – our compromise).  I totally understand how he feels and I am not upset that he feels like that but it still made me sad because I liked to look at the picture.
So fast forward to earlier this week when my stepfather sent me some pictures of Grandma and Grandpa for my family picture collage.  In the digital pictures that he sent was the picture I added to my album.  A fourth generation picture that I never knew existed.   I now have a new fourth generation picture that I can display in the condo. 

Happy Razor Dance

Last week sometime, I received a notice from T-Mobile that I was eligible for a few Razor phone in either Magenta or Pearl Gray.  Woohoo!!!!  I thought this was pretty keen as my phone was getting a little old (more than 2 years old at this point) and it seemed that Razors were the in thing.  I am not usually so into the in thing that I would buy one but a free one is cool isn’t it?  I told Eduardo about this very nice offer and of course he wants one too.  The fine print says only one to an account holder so it sure doesn’t sound like we can get one each.  And I hate to say it but I sure as heck am not paying 200$ to purchase one so we can both have one.  To me, that is totally frivolous!  I tell him that if he really wants it that bad, he can have it and I will take his phone.   On Friday night, he says he thinks it is fair if we have a bet on it and whoever wins the bet gets the phone.  This sounds like a plan so we bet on the outcome of Copa America.  He even lets me pick the team and I – being smart – pick Argentina.  Eduardo is a little disappointed because he thinks Argentina is going to win too and wanted me to pick Brazil.  So… Sunday afternoon rolls around and we sit down in front of the TV to find out who gets the Razor.  Let’s just say that we were quite passionate about the outcome of the game and yelled our encouragement for the team from the couch.  Sadly, Argentina lost.  WAAAAHHH!!!!!  I was so incredibly disappointed.  I couldn’t believe it.  I didn’t even realize I cared enough about the new phone that I would be disappointed.  Or maybe it is just because I don’t like losing.  I don’t know what.  I just know I was terribly disappointed.  I think I kind of made Eduardo feel bad too. 
So fast forward to Tuesday night when I decided to call and order Eduardo’s brand new Razor.  I got on the phone and on a whim I asked the customer service rep if I could get one for both my husband and I.  We were on a Family Plan together.  I totally expected him to say no because the fine print said what it said.  The guy responded back without a pause and said, "Of course, you have been an account holder since 2003".  WOOOHOOO!!!! A Razor for each of us.  We extended our contract for another 2 years (part of the free phone agreement) and each of us will get a nice new Razor.  I will be getting Magenta and he will be going for the more sedate Pearl Gray. 
As a result, we have been doing the Happy Razor Dance since last night.  I won’t even describe it but essentially we act silly shouting "Razor, Razor, Razor!" 
PS  For those of you hoping for before and after pics of the haircut?  You could be waiting a long time!!! I am terrible at putting up pics.  I just got a few wedding pics up after 6 months and I STILL don’t have after pics of the condo up.  I do have some pics of the condo sitting in my camera.  I simply need to get them onto the computer and up on the site.


Indeed, Eduardo was very surprised when I walked in the door on Saturday.  He took a second look to make sure I was his wife!  I totally cut off my long hair that I spent about 3 years growing.  I thought my hairdresser was going to cry.  I actually had to be assertive with her in order to convince her that I truly wanted to cut off my hair.  She was so upset that I wanted to cut off perfectly healthy hair that most women would die for.  It’s just hair right?  If I don’t like it, I can always grow it back right?  She didn’t seem to buy that argument.

In fact, she was almost funny except for her inconsistencies.  About 6 months ago, I stopped highlighting my hair.  It is expensive and Eduardo didn’t really like it.  I wasn’t so tied to my highlights that I felt the need to pay the money if my honey really wasn’t that into it.  At the time, my hairdresser said, “You should do what you want and not what your husband wants.”  She didn’t seem to get that I just didn’t care that much so I went with what he wanted.  Believe me… if I cared… I would have been doing the highlights!  This time around…. She says, “You know that most men like long hair.  Your husband might not like your hair cut short.”  Whatever happened to… “You should do what you want”?  I already knew that Eduardo didn’t have objections to my hair getting cut short because we had already discussed it.  We even picked out a picture that we liked. 

He thinks my short hair is fabulous and I look much younger!  He said I look the same age as him now.  This is a complement given that he is 6 years younger than I am!