July 4th

July 4th was very low key in our house.  I wasn’t feeling well in the morning so we just hung out.  In the afternoon, we walked to Home Depot to pick up some tools to fix the door on the bathroom vanity.  The opening wasn’t big enough to allow the doors to close properly.  I chiseled off some wood where the hinge was screwed to the side and it fits a lot better.  It is not perfect but at least it will close if some care is taken in how you close the doors. 
We were originally going to go over to Vienna to see those fireworks.  They usually do a pretty good job and I try to go there every year.  We changed those plans right after it poured out in the late afternoon.  Instead, we decided to head over to different fireworks that were within walking distance.  We didn’t even make it to those fireworks.  As we were walking over, we saw a ton of people sitting around in the park close to our house pointed in the direction of the fireworks that we were going to see.  After asking someone, we discovered that you could see the fireworks from the park!!  We didn’t make it any further than the park.
The only thing about the park is that a small group of folks brought their own fireworks to set off in the park.  That was a nice diversion while we waited but several of the fireworks didn’t go off properly and ended up in the crowds!  It didn’t hurt anyone but it did worry me. 
Afterwards, we headed home and started discussing whether or not we could see the fireworks from the balcony.  We head out to the balcony and what do we see but a few late fireworks go off (like 15 minutes after the others ended).  So we didn’t even NEED to walk the 5 minutes from the park.  We could have stayed home.  So we sat on the balcony with a beer and chatted for a bit and listened to the music that was still playing at the fireworks festivities.   We discovered you could hear that too from our house!
And that was our July 4th holiday.

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