Indeed, Eduardo was very surprised when I walked in the door on Saturday.  He took a second look to make sure I was his wife!  I totally cut off my long hair that I spent about 3 years growing.  I thought my hairdresser was going to cry.  I actually had to be assertive with her in order to convince her that I truly wanted to cut off my hair.  She was so upset that I wanted to cut off perfectly healthy hair that most women would die for.  It’s just hair right?  If I don’t like it, I can always grow it back right?  She didn’t seem to buy that argument.

In fact, she was almost funny except for her inconsistencies.  About 6 months ago, I stopped highlighting my hair.  It is expensive and Eduardo didn’t really like it.  I wasn’t so tied to my highlights that I felt the need to pay the money if my honey really wasn’t that into it.  At the time, my hairdresser said, “You should do what you want and not what your husband wants.”  She didn’t seem to get that I just didn’t care that much so I went with what he wanted.  Believe me… if I cared… I would have been doing the highlights!  This time around…. She says, “You know that most men like long hair.  Your husband might not like your hair cut short.”  Whatever happened to… “You should do what you want”?  I already knew that Eduardo didn’t have objections to my hair getting cut short because we had already discussed it.  We even picked out a picture that we liked. 

He thinks my short hair is fabulous and I look much younger!  He said I look the same age as him now.  This is a complement given that he is 6 years younger than I am! 


4 responses to “Surprise!!!!

  1. Where’s the picture for us to see?
    ~ FC

  2. Wait a minute!! You can’t tell us about cutting your hair and no provide Before and After Pix!!!!

  3. Congrats on the new hairstyle!  I am glad that it turned out well and that you like it.  I’ve tried short hair a few times and I can’t pull it off.  Then again, I’m not doing much with the long hair, either!  🙂
    Post pictures!  🙂
    HUGS, Jen

  4. I love the wedding photos!  You look so happy and peaceful, a lovely bride!  And your groom is not too shabby either!  (Actually, he is a cutie!)
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.  Your gown is beautiful!

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