Happy Razor Dance

Last week sometime, I received a notice from T-Mobile that I was eligible for a few Razor phone in either Magenta or Pearl Gray.  Woohoo!!!!  I thought this was pretty keen as my phone was getting a little old (more than 2 years old at this point) and it seemed that Razors were the in thing.  I am not usually so into the in thing that I would buy one but a free one is cool isn’t it?  I told Eduardo about this very nice offer and of course he wants one too.  The fine print says only one to an account holder so it sure doesn’t sound like we can get one each.  And I hate to say it but I sure as heck am not paying 200$ to purchase one so we can both have one.  To me, that is totally frivolous!  I tell him that if he really wants it that bad, he can have it and I will take his phone.   On Friday night, he says he thinks it is fair if we have a bet on it and whoever wins the bet gets the phone.  This sounds like a plan so we bet on the outcome of Copa America.  He even lets me pick the team and I – being smart – pick Argentina.  Eduardo is a little disappointed because he thinks Argentina is going to win too and wanted me to pick Brazil.  So… Sunday afternoon rolls around and we sit down in front of the TV to find out who gets the Razor.  Let’s just say that we were quite passionate about the outcome of the game and yelled our encouragement for the team from the couch.  Sadly, Argentina lost.  WAAAAHHH!!!!!  I was so incredibly disappointed.  I couldn’t believe it.  I didn’t even realize I cared enough about the new phone that I would be disappointed.  Or maybe it is just because I don’t like losing.  I don’t know what.  I just know I was terribly disappointed.  I think I kind of made Eduardo feel bad too. 
So fast forward to Tuesday night when I decided to call and order Eduardo’s brand new Razor.  I got on the phone and on a whim I asked the customer service rep if I could get one for both my husband and I.  We were on a Family Plan together.  I totally expected him to say no because the fine print said what it said.  The guy responded back without a pause and said, "Of course, you have been an account holder since 2003".  WOOOHOOO!!!! A Razor for each of us.  We extended our contract for another 2 years (part of the free phone agreement) and each of us will get a nice new Razor.  I will be getting Magenta and he will be going for the more sedate Pearl Gray. 
As a result, we have been doing the Happy Razor Dance since last night.  I won’t even describe it but essentially we act silly shouting "Razor, Razor, Razor!" 
PS  For those of you hoping for before and after pics of the haircut?  You could be waiting a long time!!! I am terrible at putting up pics.  I just got a few wedding pics up after 6 months and I STILL don’t have after pics of the condo up.  I do have some pics of the condo sitting in my camera.  I simply need to get them onto the computer and up on the site.

One response to “Happy Razor Dance

  1. YAY! To the new Razor phones. That’s awesome. Also, your wedding pictures are really nice. You both look great.
    ~ FC

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