4 Generations

I don’t know if having 4 generations of women alive in a family is important or even special.  For me, it has always felt special.  I always thought that it was cool there that we were 3 generations of oldest children that started with the birth of my Grandma C.  I don’t know if Grandma Q is an oldest child.  I never thought to ask.
When I got married the first time,  all 4 of us were at the ceremony and it was with great pleasure that I was able to get a beautiful picture of the 4 of us that I have cherished for many years.  Now, only my Mom and I are left.  My Grandma C passed away over 10 years ago and Grandma Q passed away at least 2 years ago. 
I had my 4 generation picture up in the condo but it came down in June when friends of Eduardo came to visit.  Eduardo feels that wedding pictures of me (even without the groom) are inappropriate and he didn’t want them in the main part of the condo.  I felt such sadness that I would not be able to have this treasured picture in the condo (except in the bedroom – our compromise).  I totally understand how he feels and I am not upset that he feels like that but it still made me sad because I liked to look at the picture.
So fast forward to earlier this week when my stepfather sent me some pictures of Grandma and Grandpa for my family picture collage.  In the digital pictures that he sent was the picture I added to my album.  A fourth generation picture that I never knew existed.   I now have a new fourth generation picture that I can display in the condo. 

One response to “4 Generations

  1. I’m pretty sure I would suck at marriage or living with a man who tried to tell me what pix I could hang in my condo. I don’t see how you chicks do it. I think I’m waaaaay too selfish! I like the pix!!!!!!

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