It died a quiet death

We bought a new vacuum cleaner last night.  Our last one was on its last legs some time ago.  The hose and the pole didn’t stay connected and the on button had broken off permanently.  Last weekend, what little bit was left of the on button broke again.  When I announced that it was time to buy a new vacuum, Eduardo was protesting, “But… but… it still works “. Yes, you could still turn it on… but… really…. just because something is still working doesn’t mean you should still use it.


The vacuum cleaner was about 10 years old.  So you can appreciate that perhaps it was not the latest in technology.  Vacuum cleaners have really changed in the last 10 years!!! We bought a little Dirt Devil Vision canister.  It weighs absolutely NOTHING!!!!  It is also one of those bagless vacuum cleaners.  I didn’t realize that this technology had really caught on.  Just about all of the vacuums out there are bagless now.  I was really feeling a little out of touch as I looked at this new technology that I didn’t even realize existed.  Ok… I knew bagless vacuums existed but I didn’t realize that this ‘new’ thing was no longer new but normal. 


So, Eduardo has a new vacuum to clean the house.  I gave it a little test drive last night and it seemed to work great.  It might be the only time I touch the vacuum this year because he has taken on the job of doing all the vacuuming.


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