Step-mommy hood is coming closer

I am excited and nervous about some news I received yesterday.
Some background information:
The visa lottery is where a country gets a certain number of US permanent resident visas to give to its citizens.  The US embassy in that country receives applications for this pool of visas (usually WAY more than the number of actual visas) and from these applications, they randomly pick applicants.  These applicants then have to go through a qualifying process (ie.  can they get a job? do they have money/a sponsor to survive and so on) to get the actual visa.
The mother of Eduardo’s children applied for the visa lottery this year and received one of the visas.  This means that within 6 months she has to travel here with the children or her visa expires and she loses the opportunity.  In 6 months or less, I will be meeting her and the children for the first time.   This is exciting and a bit nerve wracking.  I expect to be helping Eduardo with setting her up where ever she ends up.  We have been talking about moving to West Virginia or Raleigh, North Carolina in a year or two.  I know that Raleigh has a significant amount of high tech industry so I could easily get a job.  I also know that housing is really cheap in comparison to here.  We have been doing some research on new housing and you can get a 3-4 bedroom house for less than the mortgage on my one bedroom condo.  In fact, you can buy 2 small townhouses (about 1100 – 1300 square feet) for the value of my condo.  Is that not totally insane????  I am positive that salaries are not half the salaries of the DC area.  Right now, the thought is to set her up in Raleigh where there is a Hispanic community, jobs and cheap housing.  Then when we can move, we will move down to Raleigh to be closer to his children.
This is going to shake things up in our life.  I don’t even know how it is going to change things because I have never been in this situation before.  I am excited to be meeting the children and am looking forwarding to being a family of some type with them.  I am also nervous because other than some babysitting when I was a teenager, I have never really been involved with looking after children.  That is scary.  Of course, I am also nervous that Kelly will not be friendly towards me.   I am not expecting best friends or anything but a civil relationship would be good.  Most of all, I worry that with the children so close (yet sort of far away) that our relationship will be left behind in his eagerness to reconnect with the children.  I worry that he won’t want me to be a part of that relationship and I will be left out in the cold with no family at all – including a husband.
I can’t help but feel that this could be a positive thing for everyone, especially Eduardo.  He misses his children so much.  I know that he wants them to be closer.  I hope that all of us can find our way in this new situation and come out of it stronger and united despite being a mixed family.
Does anyone know anything about Raleigh and what we could expect if we moved there?

One response to “Step-mommy hood is coming closer

  1. I live about 3-4 hours from Raliegh, I am right on the border of North and South Carolina.  I have been to Raliegh several times, mostly to fly out of their airport, which is much less expensive than the Charlotte airport.  Housing prices are very good here and Raliegh was just chosen as one of the top 5 places to buy real estate because it hasn’t been affected hardly at all by the real estate bubble.  The best thing I can recommend about Raliegh is the weather.  The summers aren’t much worse (if at all) than in DC and the winters are so much better.  We have 4 seasons, but just barely.  Winters are very mild with maybe one or two snow/ice days total. 
    I can’t say about the hispanic population in Raliegh (although you seem to know about it already) but it is quite large here where I live.  There is no shortage of groceries and restaurants that cater to that population, which is great for us because it is one of our favorite types of food!  🙂
    Congratulations on your pending "step mommy hood" 
    Hugs, Jen

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