Pins and Needles

So we were getting all excited about the kids coming to the US on the visa lottery when Kelly calls Eduardo Saturday night to tell him that she has just realized that the embassy didn’t take the receipt to show that she paid the fees.  We are back on pins and needles wondering what that means for the visa.  Their passports were left at the embassy to have the visa put in them and then they were going to get mailed via DHL.  I guess we need to wait on the celebration until they get their passports!
And on to a different pins and needles….
Since they are moving here from so far away, they obviously are not going to be bringing much with them.  This includes furniture, kitchen items, bedding, towels, you name it.  They will likely just bring clothes and favourite toys.  I decided to make the kids some quilts for their bed since they won’t have any bedding.  These are going to be SIMPLE quilts (not like the one I started making for our bed) that I can hopefully finish before they arrive.  We picked out the material Saturday for the little girl’s quilt.  Her favourite colours are pink and turquoise so that was what we selected.  I already have pics of the material I selected.  It is just a matter of getting it up on the blog.  I have all the ‘pink’ blocks cut out which is about half of the main part of the quilt.  I should be able to start sewing it some time this week.  His quilt will feature Pink Panther because he is a big fan of Pink Panther.  His quilt wil be primarily blue and black with a little bit of pink thrown in.

2 responses to “Pins and Needles

  1. Good luck! That s 

  2. You have a BUNCH of stuff for which to be on pins & needles!! Goodness…your life is about to change drastically. Makin’ quilts – just the words are impressive. One of these days I’m going to tackle one larger than a baby quilt! Can’t wait to hear how everything works out with the kids and their passports!! 

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