Venting today

This is definitely a vent and might even be a rant!!!


5 days a week – AT LEAST – I am out of the house and doing something active.  This might mean swimming laps, playing one-on-one basketball or going to the gym.  On Saturdays, I have been hitting the gym AND going swimming.  Even on days that we do something else or take a break, we often will take a small walk around the block.  I am active and have been pretty consistent about this for the entire summer.  I have been going pretty regularly to the gym since March.  I have been eating fairly healthy too.  Lots of veggies and fruit balanced with protein and carbs.  A little bit of chocolate but I mostly keep the junk food under control.


And what has this purportedly healthy lifestyle gotten me?  Absolutely nothing but sore muscles every day and possibly poison ivy!  I have not lost a single a pound.  I might even have gained 1 or 2.  This is so freaking frustrating.  I want to know why I am not losing weight!!!! *sigh*


On to other news:


I have poison ivy AGAIN!!!!  I have no idea where I got it.  Eduardo hasn’t been working outside.  We haven’t been anywhere different except the basketball court.  The ball did head over the fence one or twice on Monday to hit some long grass.  I didn’t see any poison ivy there and I don’t think you go from touching poison ivy to getting bumps in less than 12 hours.


The visas have come through for the kids.  I have no idea what the plans are in terms of when they are coming up or where they are thinking of living. 


This quilt is coming along SUPER FAST.  This quilt is definitely easier than the one I am making for us.  I have all the rows of squares sewn together.  The next step is to sew the rows together to make the main part of the quilt.  It is a really cute quilt and I think it will look smashing once it is together.  I don’t have any problems with piecing the top but the thought of quilting it on my machine is a little daunting.  Had I of realized that it would be so simple and quick to sew the squares together, I might have made the whole quilt out of squares instead of creating a border. 


One response to “Venting today

  1. hey hun,you gotta remember, muscle weighs more then fat, so you might just be replacing unwanted tissue with muscle, therefore not losing "Weight", just a thought 

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