Alien Invasion

When I first started dating Eduardo, Harmony was added to the household.  This means that since Harmony was about 8 weeks old, Eduardo has been in her life either part-time or full-time.  In this ENTIRE time, Harmony has never really warmed up to Eduardo.  Most of the time she acts terrified of him and if he tries to go near her to pet him she runs off like the big, bad monster was after her.
A week ago, she let him come up to her to pet her and she didn’t move a muscles.  She didn’t run away, she didn’t shake like a leaf or anything.  She simply laid there and let him pet her.   She has been letting him pet her whenever he wants.  Sometimes he will say to her, "Hey… it’s me… I’m petting you!" and she just lies there like it is no big deal.  THIS IS A BIG DEAL.  It has taken a year to get to this point with her. 
Short of an alien invasion the only thing we can think of is that we switched vacuum cleaners.  This new vacuum is much quieter and the cats are not as scared of it.  We have always wondered if Harmony was scared of Eduardo because he was the one that ran the vacuum.  We would notice that if we missed a week vacuuming she would get a little friendlier.  I guess Harmony thought the vacuum was part of Eduardo and she needed to be scared of him!  Silly cat!

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