Eye Insurance

I swear that insurance of any kind is a racket.  It makes you feel secure that you can afford your health but it still takes a huge bite out of your paycheque.  I can’t imagine how people who are struggling to get by can even afford the bits that insurance doesn’t pay for.
Last weekend, Eduardo and I went to the eye doctor.  I was overdue by about 6 months but Eduardo hadn’t had an eye exam in three years.  Off we went, secure in the knowledge that we had a kick-ass insurance policy according to our human resource department.  Lets just say that at approximately 300$+ later (JUST for Eduardo) that I am not so convinced that we had a kick-ass policy.
The eye exam was free for Eduardo but was 60$ for me.  It costs 60$ because they have to have an contact fitting for me.  Maybe I should have been an optometrist because that comes out to 360$ an hour for a contact fitting.  I am definitely being generous that the woman took 10 minutes to look at my eyes after I stuck in the suggested prescription for my contact lenses.
Eduardo wears glasses instead of contact lenses.  For that, we get a 120$ allowance towards the frames.  This sounds amazing right up until you realize that you CAN’T (and I mean can’t) get any frames for that price.  The cheapest frames that I saw were 170$.  Of course, I didn’t go through each and every frame to see what the prices were.  Eduardo ended up with 289$ frames.  A bad-ass frame for a bad-ass price.  And these my friends were not even the most expensive frames.  It turns out that Eduardo is blind as a bat and his lenses would be like coke bottles if he didn’t get these high-index lenses (OUCH!!!!).  I can definitely appreciate that he doesn’t want coke bottles for glasses so of course we are going to buy him these high-index lenses.  And then even with the high-index lenses he should also get the anti-glare because his lenses are still thick enough that it will give him glare… and so on and so forth….
We also bought Eduardo sports glasses.  This was actually the part that was worrying me when we went in the door.  I was afraid that these babies would be expensive and I knew insurance wouldn’t cover them because they only cover one pair of glasses.  In comparison,  these little guys were CHEAP!!! Less than 200$ for frames/lenses and everything.  This was cheaper than his everyday glasses EVEN AFTER THE INSURANCE.  He needs these glasses to play soccer and raquetball without worrying about shattering his glasses.

3 responses to “Eye Insurance

  1. I have said it for years!!! legalized racketeering!!!

  2. It is a shame!  I hate the current US healthcare industry…
    I need glasses, I’m sure, but even with insurance I am afraid to go to the eye doctor.  It’s sure to cost a fortune and right now we have lots of dentist bills to pay (don’t get me started on dental insurance!)
    Hugs, Jen

  3. I just wanted to drop in and say hello.  I haven’t been around much but I hope you are doing well! 

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