Woohoo!!! Long weekend

I am so glad the long weekend is arriving.  I am totally exhausted and would like a break.  Will I get a break?  Highly unlikely.  Things I see that could be happening on the long weekend:
1. Putting together the top on my second quilt.  I have about half to two-thirds of it done.  Unfortunately, Eduardo does not like it.  I like all of it but the blue material that I selected.  It was absolutely impossible to match the blue Pink Panther material but I did the best that I could.  It was easier to start from scratch and pick all the colours together like we did for his daughter’s quilt.
2. Scraping down and painting the balcony.  We probably also need to scrub it because it looks to be growing mold along the outer edge.
3.  Driving lessons to Eduardo are of course on the list.  He is doing great and I think he will get his license on schedule.
4. Homework.  I have three chapters to read, two pages of exercises, 2 translations, study and start our first presentation.  Fun stuff!

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