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Can’t life be dull?

What I would really like is to be in a rut.  This means that nothing new and exciting is upsetting the balance called my life.  For instance, the kitchen cabinet would still be up on the wall.  I wouldn’t have had to spend some time troubleshooting the garbage disposal to figure out why it is humming.  To digress… if your garbage disposal is humming it might mean that your blades are jammed from say… shattered glass from the aforementioned kitchen cabinet disaster.  To unjam the blades go find your disposal allen key and stick it in the bottom and move it right to left in a circle.  Feel blades let loose.  Turn on disposal and listen to the horrible noise as it crunches the glass.
If my life was in a rut it would mean that my teacher wouldn’t change her mind on the next assignment and render your trip to the museum as a total waste of your time.  Why? Because she has decided that asking us to write something in English and translate to Spanish is not a good idea based on the results of her first assignment.  Unfortunately, I had already done the assignment and so I will get extra credit for it.  Hmmm… extra credit is good if you think you need to boost your grade.  I don’t need to boost my grade yet… that I am aware of.  If I get an A… what does extra credit give me?  A more solid A?  I would just simply not have wasted my time(or money for metro) on it.
It would also mean that the job offer that Eduardo got was for the job he actually wanted.   I am so disappointed in this company.  After discussing what Eduardo was interested in (this is a long story I wont be telling here) and having the recruiter tell us that he would get the job if he just got his driver’s license (it was needed for the original job), we discovered that he got hired for something totally different and not a job he would have accepted.  This is not progress and I feel as lousy as if it was me that got shafted.
So we aren’t exactly running up that staircase I mentioned a few entries ago.  Once again, we discovered that the stair was rotten; we actually put our foot through the step and we are struck trying to get it pulled out of the hole.   

What the heck?!?!!?

Eduardo went out to the kitchen to make us some coffee on Sunday morning.  The next thing I know, I hear a bunch of glass crashing around out there.  I run out to the kitchen and I see Eduardo holding up a kitchen cabinent.  It appears that one of the kitchen cabinets separated from the wall at the top and started to fall down.  Thank goodness that the bottom of the cabinet was held to the wall by its screws or I am sure something serious would have happened.   This was the cabinet that held all my spices.  Luckily, we only broke a couple of jars but unfortunately several tops popped off and we ended up with spices everywhere mixed in with vanilla and hot pepper sauce.  What a mess!  The kitchen cabinet is now sitting in our dining room with its goodies back in it.  We will deal with putting it up next weekend.   What we discovered is that the people who installed it simply screwed the cabinets into the drywall.  The bottom of the cabinet was screwed into a crossbeam but there wasn’t anything at the top except drywall.  I am surprised it didn’t come crashing down earlier.
Here I was congratulating myself on how our lives were going to settle down and we wouldn’t be so busy…. and a new job manufactures itself.  Such is life…

Pictures Added

After almost 2 years in my condo, I have finally put up some pictures in my album of the condo.  I am afraid that I have mostly dining room pictures.  At the moment I was trying to take some pictures, the batteries ran out of steam so you have what I took at that moment.
I also put up some pictures of the material I used for Kylie’s quilt.  I forgot to do the same thing for Piero’s quilt so I don’t have pictures of that yet. 

Week? What week?

Not only did the weekend go by in a blur, so did the entire week! 
Last week and particularly the weekend was a bad time.  Over the last year, Eduardo and I have been working towards improving our life.  We have had some specific goals and we had been slowly working towards them.  We have spent time and money on taking these baby steps to improvement.  We have gotten a few of those steps accomplished and are working our way up the staircase.  You would have thought that these intermediary steps would have improved things but we discovered that is not necessarily so.  We get a step done and say… Finally! we can now go do this… but no… you can’t really… you actually need to accomplish this other thing first.   Some situations are almost catch 22.
As of last weekend, I was thinking to myself… a year together… some progress towards our goals but no actual change in our lives whatsoever.   We were exactly in the same position as we were a year ago.  I was feeling very beaten down, frustrated, exhausted and hopeless.  I just couldn’t see how we were ever going to make any improvements whatsoever if obstacles were put in our path every single time.  This was how I felt Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Two days later and my outlook has improved.  We have yet another step accomplished towards our goals and this seems to be the important step that has allowed up to leap up the staircase.  Suddenly, our life has taken a 180 and a lot of things have changed, or at the very least we are at the edge of change.  I am so happy to finally see change in our lives.

Weekend??? What weekend?

Another weekend went by in a blur!  Where do they go? 
I spent absolutely hours doing homework.  The teacher says that she isn’t assigning a lot of homework but she has no idea how long it takes.  She gives two exercise sheets which this week took me 2 1/4 hours to complete then it takes several hours to read the assigned reading.  Then a couple of hours to study for the quiz.
I spent Saturday night squaring up what I had done on the quilt so I could add the outside bands.  This actually took a couple of hours.  This was mostly because I had to wet the quilt to pull it to square then let it dry.  I STILL have one more border left to put on the quilt.  I also bought the quilt backing on Friday!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before but I found Pink Panther material in the remnant pile at our local fabric store.  It is not in the same colour (top is blue/black/pink) because it uses greens and purples but so what… it is the back and fits the theme so the colours aren’t as important.  I couldn’t use this material on the front because the Pink Panthers are rather large and spaced out so it wasn’t suitable material to cut squares from.  It also got Eduardo’s seal of approval!
We also headed out to Manassas to enjoy some Peruvian style chicken.  Yum!! And then drove around Manassas in an effort to familiarize himself with the streets.  His driver test is coming up on Friday.  I am really starting to worry about it.  Not because I don’t think he can’t drive;  He has improved immensely in the last three weeks.  I am more afraid that something silly will go wrong like he will misunderstand the instructions of the tester or something.  Apparently the instructors aren’t very patient with people whose first language is not English. 

A moment of silence please

Lets have a moment of silence for my laptop.  My very first computer that I ever bought for myself – about 8 years ago –  has quietly died.  I don’t know exactly why it died but it was kind enough to leave the hard drive functional so that we could extract the hard drive then copy my photos to another PC and then to DVD. That was a relief.  I was really worried that I would lose all my photos.
I am not going to buy a replacement.  I will probably just use Eduardo’s for all the need that I have for a computer.

A frustrating long weekend

It seemed like the long weekend zoomed by and I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to get done.  This always seems to happen and I don’t know why.
My laptop dropped dead over the weekend.  We don’t know what happened exactly but it appeared to go into hibernation within 1 to 2 minutes of getting turned on.  Basically this meant that you couldn’t do anything including getting files off the computer.  I was able to keep it up for 5 minutes or so once and managed to get my current homework off the computer and some pictures.  We fooled with it for a couple of hours trying to figure out what was wrong with it.  I finally brought it into work for someone to get the data off the hard drive.  He hasn’t looked at it yet but he thinks that he can get the data off of it and he thinks that the fan might be broken which is causing it to overheat.  If that is the case, then we should be able to get the laptop up and running again by replacing a relatively inexpensive part.  It made me really upset to realize that I might have lost all of my pictures of Guatemala and stuff so I was a bit unproductive over part of the weekend because of this whole thing.
We ended up going swimming a couple of times this weekend.  This is the last weekend that the pool was open so we wanted to make sure that we got our last swims in before the close of pool season.
My homework took absolutely FOREVER!!!!  I spent a couple of hours on it Saturday and Sunday.  I probably spent more like 4 hours on it Monday.  We had to read 30 pages from this book called 1001 Pitfalls of Spanish.  The amount of rules and ‘pitfalls’ over 30 pages is staggering so it was slow reading to ensure that I understood it all and my brain felt like it was going to explode after it was all said and done.  That meant that I did not get my oral presentation started *sigh* 
My staggering amount of homework (and laptop issues) meant that I didn’t get as much done on my quilt as I wanted to.  I wanted to get all of the squares put together and possibly all of the quilt top done by the end of the weekend.  Sadly, I put only half of the squares together.  The addition of the white banding has improved the quilt and Eduardo has finally decided he likes the way it looks.  I don’t think he is enthusiastic about it but at least he isn’t saying that he doesn’t like it anymore.  The white bands really make the squares pop and look more fun and lively.  With any luck, the rest of the quilt top will be finished sometime over the weekend.  I have two more rows of blocks left and 3 bands of material.
It is really important that I do homework and get the quilts done.  That means that all other chores take a back seat to these two items.  This So… no scraping was done on the balcony except for what Eduardo did on his vacation days.  This chore is extremely slow moving and not getting very far *sigh*  It probably doesn’t help that the chore itself is not very exciting!
I ended up burning my hand really badly on Monday night.  I have never burnt my hand this badly before.  I was taking a cast iron frying pan out of the oven and wasn’t careful enough with the towel.  The handle touched my palm and it was PAINFUL.  I shed a few tears and ended up with my hand under cold water for like 45 minutes in an effort to stop the burning process on my hand.  I am glad that I went to all that effort to keep my hand in cold water.  All I ended up with was 3 nasty red/white marks on my palm.  Today is the first day it doesn’t hurt to touch it.