A frustrating long weekend

It seemed like the long weekend zoomed by and I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to get done.  This always seems to happen and I don’t know why.
My laptop dropped dead over the weekend.  We don’t know what happened exactly but it appeared to go into hibernation within 1 to 2 minutes of getting turned on.  Basically this meant that you couldn’t do anything including getting files off the computer.  I was able to keep it up for 5 minutes or so once and managed to get my current homework off the computer and some pictures.  We fooled with it for a couple of hours trying to figure out what was wrong with it.  I finally brought it into work for someone to get the data off the hard drive.  He hasn’t looked at it yet but he thinks that he can get the data off of it and he thinks that the fan might be broken which is causing it to overheat.  If that is the case, then we should be able to get the laptop up and running again by replacing a relatively inexpensive part.  It made me really upset to realize that I might have lost all of my pictures of Guatemala and stuff so I was a bit unproductive over part of the weekend because of this whole thing.
We ended up going swimming a couple of times this weekend.  This is the last weekend that the pool was open so we wanted to make sure that we got our last swims in before the close of pool season.
My homework took absolutely FOREVER!!!!  I spent a couple of hours on it Saturday and Sunday.  I probably spent more like 4 hours on it Monday.  We had to read 30 pages from this book called 1001 Pitfalls of Spanish.  The amount of rules and ‘pitfalls’ over 30 pages is staggering so it was slow reading to ensure that I understood it all and my brain felt like it was going to explode after it was all said and done.  That meant that I did not get my oral presentation started *sigh* 
My staggering amount of homework (and laptop issues) meant that I didn’t get as much done on my quilt as I wanted to.  I wanted to get all of the squares put together and possibly all of the quilt top done by the end of the weekend.  Sadly, I put only half of the squares together.  The addition of the white banding has improved the quilt and Eduardo has finally decided he likes the way it looks.  I don’t think he is enthusiastic about it but at least he isn’t saying that he doesn’t like it anymore.  The white bands really make the squares pop and look more fun and lively.  With any luck, the rest of the quilt top will be finished sometime over the weekend.  I have two more rows of blocks left and 3 bands of material.
It is really important that I do homework and get the quilts done.  That means that all other chores take a back seat to these two items.  This So… no scraping was done on the balcony except for what Eduardo did on his vacation days.  This chore is extremely slow moving and not getting very far *sigh*  It probably doesn’t help that the chore itself is not very exciting!
I ended up burning my hand really badly on Monday night.  I have never burnt my hand this badly before.  I was taking a cast iron frying pan out of the oven and wasn’t careful enough with the towel.  The handle touched my palm and it was PAINFUL.  I shed a few tears and ended up with my hand under cold water for like 45 minutes in an effort to stop the burning process on my hand.  I am glad that I went to all that effort to keep my hand in cold water.  All I ended up with was 3 nasty red/white marks on my palm.  Today is the first day it doesn’t hurt to touch it.

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