Weekend??? What weekend?

Another weekend went by in a blur!  Where do they go? 
I spent absolutely hours doing homework.  The teacher says that she isn’t assigning a lot of homework but she has no idea how long it takes.  She gives two exercise sheets which this week took me 2 1/4 hours to complete then it takes several hours to read the assigned reading.  Then a couple of hours to study for the quiz.
I spent Saturday night squaring up what I had done on the quilt so I could add the outside bands.  This actually took a couple of hours.  This was mostly because I had to wet the quilt to pull it to square then let it dry.  I STILL have one more border left to put on the quilt.  I also bought the quilt backing on Friday!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before but I found Pink Panther material in the remnant pile at our local fabric store.  It is not in the same colour (top is blue/black/pink) because it uses greens and purples but so what… it is the back and fits the theme so the colours aren’t as important.  I couldn’t use this material on the front because the Pink Panthers are rather large and spaced out so it wasn’t suitable material to cut squares from.  It also got Eduardo’s seal of approval!
We also headed out to Manassas to enjoy some Peruvian style chicken.  Yum!! And then drove around Manassas in an effort to familiarize himself with the streets.  His driver test is coming up on Friday.  I am really starting to worry about it.  Not because I don’t think he can’t drive;  He has improved immensely in the last three weeks.  I am more afraid that something silly will go wrong like he will misunderstand the instructions of the tester or something.  Apparently the instructors aren’t very patient with people whose first language is not English. 

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