Week? What week?

Not only did the weekend go by in a blur, so did the entire week! 
Last week and particularly the weekend was a bad time.  Over the last year, Eduardo and I have been working towards improving our life.  We have had some specific goals and we had been slowly working towards them.  We have spent time and money on taking these baby steps to improvement.  We have gotten a few of those steps accomplished and are working our way up the staircase.  You would have thought that these intermediary steps would have improved things but we discovered that is not necessarily so.  We get a step done and say… Finally! we can now go do this… but no… you can’t really… you actually need to accomplish this other thing first.   Some situations are almost catch 22.
As of last weekend, I was thinking to myself… a year together… some progress towards our goals but no actual change in our lives whatsoever.   We were exactly in the same position as we were a year ago.  I was feeling very beaten down, frustrated, exhausted and hopeless.  I just couldn’t see how we were ever going to make any improvements whatsoever if obstacles were put in our path every single time.  This was how I felt Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Two days later and my outlook has improved.  We have yet another step accomplished towards our goals and this seems to be the important step that has allowed up to leap up the staircase.  Suddenly, our life has taken a 180 and a lot of things have changed, or at the very least we are at the edge of change.  I am so happy to finally see change in our lives.

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