What the heck?!?!!?

Eduardo went out to the kitchen to make us some coffee on Sunday morning.  The next thing I know, I hear a bunch of glass crashing around out there.  I run out to the kitchen and I see Eduardo holding up a kitchen cabinent.  It appears that one of the kitchen cabinets separated from the wall at the top and started to fall down.  Thank goodness that the bottom of the cabinet was held to the wall by its screws or I am sure something serious would have happened.   This was the cabinet that held all my spices.  Luckily, we only broke a couple of jars but unfortunately several tops popped off and we ended up with spices everywhere mixed in with vanilla and hot pepper sauce.  What a mess!  The kitchen cabinet is now sitting in our dining room with its goodies back in it.  We will deal with putting it up next weekend.   What we discovered is that the people who installed it simply screwed the cabinets into the drywall.  The bottom of the cabinet was screwed into a crossbeam but there wasn’t anything at the top except drywall.  I am surprised it didn’t come crashing down earlier.
Here I was congratulating myself on how our lives were going to settle down and we wouldn’t be so busy…. and a new job manufactures itself.  Such is life…

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