Can’t life be dull?

What I would really like is to be in a rut.  This means that nothing new and exciting is upsetting the balance called my life.  For instance, the kitchen cabinet would still be up on the wall.  I wouldn’t have had to spend some time troubleshooting the garbage disposal to figure out why it is humming.  To digress… if your garbage disposal is humming it might mean that your blades are jammed from say… shattered glass from the aforementioned kitchen cabinet disaster.  To unjam the blades go find your disposal allen key and stick it in the bottom and move it right to left in a circle.  Feel blades let loose.  Turn on disposal and listen to the horrible noise as it crunches the glass.
If my life was in a rut it would mean that my teacher wouldn’t change her mind on the next assignment and render your trip to the museum as a total waste of your time.  Why? Because she has decided that asking us to write something in English and translate to Spanish is not a good idea based on the results of her first assignment.  Unfortunately, I had already done the assignment and so I will get extra credit for it.  Hmmm… extra credit is good if you think you need to boost your grade.  I don’t need to boost my grade yet… that I am aware of.  If I get an A… what does extra credit give me?  A more solid A?  I would just simply not have wasted my time(or money for metro) on it.
It would also mean that the job offer that Eduardo got was for the job he actually wanted.   I am so disappointed in this company.  After discussing what Eduardo was interested in (this is a long story I wont be telling here) and having the recruiter tell us that he would get the job if he just got his driver’s license (it was needed for the original job), we discovered that he got hired for something totally different and not a job he would have accepted.  This is not progress and I feel as lousy as if it was me that got shafted.
So we aren’t exactly running up that staircase I mentioned a few entries ago.  Once again, we discovered that the stair was rotten; we actually put our foot through the step and we are struck trying to get it pulled out of the hole.   

2 responses to “Can’t life be dull?

  1. Haven’t been by for awhile so wanted to drop in and say "hi."

  2. I completely understand what you mean. You try and work so hard to get ahead only to have to go back, move ahead one step, now move back three. It’s like I try to tell myself, it won’t last forever.
    Hugs,~ FC

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