Home Improvement

I am not so sure that you can call what we did home improvement or simply home put-back-together.  We found some handy dandy toggles that support up to 265 lbs (apparently per toggle according to the package) at Home Depot.  So we bought 4 to rehang our kitchen cabinet.  The first thing you need to do is drill a 1/2" hole in your dry wall.  EGADS!!! You know how big a 1/2" hole is?  Don’t make a mistake on this one!  The first hole got drilled into a steel plate.  Hmmm… not going well.  I guess I didn’t check this hole to find out if anything was behind it.
We put in our first useable 1/2" hole and installed the toggle.  We then hung the cabinet on this toggle and then drilled 3 more 1/4" holes through the cabinet into the wall.  We took the cabinet down and then redrilled the 1/4" holes turning them into 1/2" holes then installed the toggles.   We then rehung the cabinet and put the bolts into the toggles.  Two of the bolts slipped into the toggles with no problems whatsoever.  The other two bolts were a pain in the neck and very difficult to screw in.  I don’t know if the toggles somehow got caught on the plastic part of the toggle that creates the hole or what.  Eduardo is wondering if we somehow missed the holes.  I don’t think that is possible.  We drilled all the remaining holes at once… if two go in (at opposite corners)… then all 4 have to be essentially lined up.  Right?  I am having visions of the cabinet coming crashing down again.  *shudder*
We also bought a door handle and replaced the door handle to the laundry room.  The screw holes in the other one that was holding the handles together wore through the holes and the handle was dangling on the inside.   This went reasonably well.
I also finished my extra credit assignment!  So hopefully life will go back to being in the rut that I so wish would start happening.

2 responses to “Home Improvement

  1. Way to go. Now you can start a reno business. LOL

  2. "Home Improvement" is always fun. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your cabinet stays up.~ FC

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