I hate waiting

I went to the dermatologist today.  I have had a white/red mark on the side of my face in my hairline for a number of years.  One day I suddenly noticed it was there and never really paid much more attention to it.  It was simply a round red circle with a bit of a raised white center.   I thought maybe it was a scar or something.  I have something like that on my leg which has been looked at.  The other night, I realized that the mark was now a raised lump and looked a lot like a callus.  I can hear the doctor’s voice whispering in my ear about how you need to watch marks on your skin to make sure they aren’t changing.  Change is bad.  Uh huh…  On top of that… on Sunday it started bleeding.  That definitely can’t be good.

I called Monday and got an appointment for Tuesday (that would be today).  I go in and within 5 seconds the doctor knows what it is:  Basal Cell Carcinoma or Sub Ketosis.   The latter is hardly serious.  The former is slightly more serious because it is actually a cancer.  I looked it up on the Skin Cancer foundation site and see a picture just like my mark.   It said that it is fully treatable if detected early.   What exactly do they mean by that?  Should I have done something when I first noticed the mark a million years ago?  Was it sufficient to have gone in when I noticed that it had changed?   Because if detected early meant that I should have gone in when I first noticed the mark… then  it was detected late… about 4 to 7 years late.

It takes two weeks to get the results of a biopsy back.   ARGH!!! I hate waiting.    It is stuff like this that makes me worry to no end.


4 responses to “I hate waiting

  1. All will be fine!! Think positive thoughts!!
    And I knew you were wearin’ his shoe!!!
     But you know what really is a scary thought….YOU CAN WEAR HIS SHOE!!!

  2. I’ll be thinking hopeful thoughts till you hear back from the doctor!
    Hugs, Jen

  3. Good luck, I hope everything turns out ok.
    Hugs,~ FC

  4.  Whew!!!! It was a scary thought on two levels…That you could possibly have HUGE feet! And that…it’s just creepy…but a man….Oh I shudder…..a man with tiny feet!!

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