Where is my…..?

Lots of time, Eduardo will say something like "Where are my keys?" or "Where is my jacket?" or  insert whatever he is looking for at the minute.  Most of the time,  I had nothing to do with said item and have no idea where it might be.  Why would I?  I wasn’t the one touching it.

So last night we are getting ready for a walk and he says – with one shoe on his foot, "Where is my shoe?"  I roll my eyes because I am thinking to myself…  I don’t know… I don’t wear your shoes!  So I am giving him suggestions on where his missing shoe might be when I look into the shoe pile and realize _I_ only have one sneaker there myself.   Where is MY other sneaker?  That is when I realize that it is my work-out shoe and it is supposed to be in the truck with my work out clothes.   Suddenly, the proverbial light bulb clicks on in my head and I realize exactly where HIS shoe is.  I took one of my shoes and one of his shoes and threw it in my work out bag.

*blush*  We had a good laugh over that one.


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