Cancer Free

As soon as I saw the letter in the mail I knew I was home free.  Nobody… absolutely nobody… sends you a letter saying you have cancer and you need to go to the office.  For that, you get a phone call to make a doctor’s appointment.  Surprisingly enough, I really hadn’t been worried about it.  I have just been too busy going to work, dealing with the quilts and the other minutiae in my life.

I am so close to being done with quilting the second quilt.  I have the entire center part finished and now just need to deal with the border.   My hope is to be finished with the quilts by Nov 6th. Yippee!!!

This has been a hot fall.  Normally I would think that is fantastic but they have already turned over to the heating so we have no air conditioning in the condo.  Last night, our condo was so hot that you just couldn’t get any energy together to do anything.  (OK, I did my homework)  We even ended up sleeping separate because it would have been a torture to have the body heat of the other person next to us.   It is supposed to cool down today so hopefully tonight or tomorrow will be better.   Tomorrow, we are heading out to the hills to go hiking and hopefully enjoy the fall foliage.


3 responses to “Cancer Free

  1. I am so relieved that you are cancer-free!  🙂

  2. That’s great news!
    My Prince and I are planning on a biking trip this weekend to enjoyt he foliage as well. Have fun!
    ~ FC

  3. Good for you Billie!! Here’s to the power of positive thinking!!

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