I have to shake my head

I mentioned briefly that Eduardo’s new job was not everything we had hoped for.  He went to interview for one job and got another job that he wouldn’t have even interviewed for.  He is trying to be a good sport and think positively about the fact that he will learn things on the job and practice his English but in reality he absolutely hates this job and it is a torture for him to show up every day.  He has been checking out the newspaper and craigslist to find a new job.

Sunday,  he sees several jobs that are part-time but pay quite a good hourly wage.  The result is that the part time work would actually equal the wages he is working now.  This sounded like a good deal for several reasons so I helped him put together a response to the two jobs and we fired it off.

He got a response back yesterday.   He received a nice little letter saying that they were sending this email because he responded to a job posting.  This email was an advertisement for a job to cash cheques.  All you needed to do was cash their cheques in your bank account and then wire the money to them minus your commission of course.  It definitely sounded like one of those scams where the cheques are bogus and they get your money and you are left with bounced cheques!

Later last night, he saw an ad for the same company that he applied to on Sunday.  Let’s just say that this ad was probably the real ad.  The hourly rate was actually less than what he is making now.  Something that we thought was strange was that the previous ads didn’t point the job hunter to a web page to apply.  And indeed, the real job had a web page to go apply to the position.  It makes me strangely incensed to see people prey on others who are potentially down on their luck or at the very least just simply trying to better their position in life.   The job advertisement that they responded back with sounded legitimate.  I could easily see someone who wasn’t as educated or maybe just a touch too trusting signing up for said job and getting totally screwed over.  My guess is that most people who would apply for these jobs would hardly be in a position to be able to afford to lose any money to a scam and yet its these people that the scammers are targeting.  It doesn’t seem fair that you can’t even apply for a job without running the risk of being scammed.


One response to “I have to shake my head

  1. Yes, I realize some people run out of sick days and come into work since they have none left. Heck, I’ve been there before. But the people who have been sick in my office recently do have sick days and it drives me crazy when they don’t use them when they are actually sick. It’s been nothing but airborne, clorox wipes, and lots of hand sanitizer.

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