Old-fashioned can be good

Every day I
am finding out new things about our Patriot.  Shortly after I bought
it,  I discovered that it comes with a flashlight that pops out of the
ceiling in the back of the vehicle.  Yesterday, I realized that I had a
back windshield wiper and I figured out how to use it.

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that we have a sensor on the vehicle that
tells us if our tire pressure is low.  Doesn’t this sound nifty if you get
a slow leak?  This feature is only nifty right up until you realize that
the sensor is screwed!  It has come on multiple times to tell us that the
tire pressure is low in one or more tires but the vast majority of times, the
tire pressure in the ‘bad’ tire is exactly the same as the other tires. 
If 29 or 30 PSI is good enough for the other tires, tell me why its not good
for the tire that it is flashing the warning about!  It makes no sense

Last time, it complained about 1-3 tires each time I turned on the engine. This
went on for several days then finally stopped.  Only the front passenger
tire seems to be safe from the low pressure sensor.  Every time,  at
least 1 tire (or all tires) will be at exactly the same pressure as the tires
that it is not complaining about.  Well… that silly sensor is acting up
again today. It says that a tire pressure of 29 is not correct for 3 out of the
4 tires.  And what is the tire pressure of the fourth tire you ask? 
Why 29!!!!

I am starting to think that the old fashioned technology of just looking at the
tires is about as accurate as this new-fangled sensor!  Progress is not
always good.


3 responses to “Old-fashioned can be good

  1. Wait till it tells you the seat ejector is faulty and might go off. LOL

  2. My Prince has this same system in his Jeep Liberty. It’s been fine for two years but now it seems to be going weird on him. It keeps telling him to check the TSI system. In the owner’s manual it says to take it to the dealership when it shows this message. He’s waiting to see if it sticks around first. Go figure.
    Thank you for the encouraging comment to my last post. I’m still learning everything and am absorbing information like crazy. I must say that I am highly enjoying the different foods that I’m getting to try. If you have any suggestions for me that would be great. I’m leary over the different brands that sneak meat, milk, or eggs into the food without me being aware that it’s in there. This will definitely be an interesting journey.
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ FC

  3. Hey. You’re so funny. My nephew couldn’t wait to get a new vehicle with all the bells & whistles, then he slowly started disabling all the alarms and stuff for the very reasons you discuss. He’s only undone two or three but I (of course) tease him about it.
    Take care!!

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