A mish-mash

  Hallelujah!  I have a quilt finished.  Or finished enough to call it finished.  I need to sit down for a movie or two and pull the thread ends into the inside of the quilt while I am watching.  The second quilt is hopefully on target to get finished this weekend.  I am not sure as I am binding it differently.  Both quilts were supposed to be bound with a ‘self-created’ binding.  In other words, the back or the front is a little bigger and it gets turned over to the other side to create the binding.  This happened successfully in the first quilt.  I made the front a little bigger and turned it over to the back to create the binding.  Unfortunately,  I somehow made some type of measuring mistake and the quilt back on the second quilt is about 1/4 inch too short in a spot or two so I will have to take some of the left-over backing and create a binding to attach to the quilt.  This is a multi-day process that I will be starting tonight! 

We decided to look at the PSI rating on the tires after some advice that we received.  The rating on the tires was 44PSI.  Perhaps 30PSI really is a little low despite the fact that the SUV didn’t complain about all of the tires.   We went to our local gas station and figured out how to use the AIR thingie and filled the tires up to 40PSI.  For some reason, one of the tires didn’t want to register 40PSI immediately.  We were debating whether or not we should wait for the customer after us (and he waited a long time for us to inflate our tires!) to finish so we could check our tires when the little alarm blipped off.  I am still not convinced that this technology is the greatest thing since sliced bread but I am willing to admit that it might have been right.

This weekend zoomed by so quickly.  Where does it go?  Saturday we headed out to Manassas so Eduardo could apply for a job.  We did some shopping in some specialty Hispanic grocery stores then went to our favourite Peruvian chicken restaurant and had their yummy roasted chicken.  It is absolutely to die for.  Afterwards,  some grocery shopping then hanging out at the house until Eduardo headed out to a party that a friend of his was having.  I decided not to go this time.

Sunday,  Eduardo made some masamoro morado for breakfast.  Apparently, this is a very common breakfast in Lima.  It is sort of like runny Jello.  I liked the taste of it but I found it a little sweet for a breakfast.   We had some for an after-dinner dessert and I liked it much better then.  After, we cleaned up the house and headed out for a late lunch at a Peruvian restaurant in Arlington.  Again… absolutely yummy.  This time, we had ceviche.  The first time I ever tried ceviche was on a date with another Peruvian several years ago.  I did not like it at all and my date said that the ceviche was not well-made.  Eduardo didn’t pressure me to try it again because he knew I had tried it once.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, we were invited to a birthday party of one of Eduardo’s friends.   The menu was… ceviche!  I told him I would try it again and keep an open mind.  If I didn’t like it again then it was obvious that I didn’t like ceviche and we would leave it at that.  Her home-made ceviche was absolutely delicious.  I could have ate it until I exploded.   I guess my date was right… it was poorly made.

On the way back from the restaurant, we decided to  drop in at a liquidator store.  We were curious what the  store was like.  Both of us ended up buying some much needed clothing.  I only had a couple of long sleeve shirts for winter and yesterday I had just discovered a major hole in my weekend pants.  We now have some winter clothing in our closet.   They had lots of toys there so we will have to go back to do some Christmas shopping.

I tried another recipe from my Peruvian cookbook.  This did not go over well.  The instructions were not clear enough to get the right consistency and the meal didn’t taste at all like Eduardo expected.  We have agreed that it is better if I don’t tell Eduardo that I am making something from the book.  This way, he won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t turn out at all like he expects.  In fact, this one went over so poorly that he doesn’t even like the meal.   Total of 3 recipes: One was good but not what we were expecting; one was perfect; one was a total failure.



One response to “A mish-mash

  1. What does the sticker on the drivers door say about the tire pressure.
    44psi seems a bit much.

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