We all know the stereotype….  Latino men are machista and women are subject to their menfolk.  North America is much more liberated and women are considered equals (or at least more equal than in other countries).

If Latin American countries think that men are superior to women,  how have they managed to get 2 female presidents elected in the last 18 months?  Argentina just elected their first female president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (Apparently Isabella Peron was not elected).  Last year, Chile elected Michelle Bachelet Jeria as their president.   Other Latin American countries that have had female presidents are: Panama and Nicaragua. The US hasn’t elected a single female president and sadly, Canada’s only female Prime Minister lasted a paltry 5 months.   So much for equality of the sexes!

I found an interesting website that lists female presidents around the world.  I discovered the additional following countries have had elected female presidents:  Ireland, New Zealand, Finland, The Philippines, Germany, Liberia, India, Iceland, Malta, Sri Lanka, Guyana, Latvia, Finland, Indonesia, United Kingdom,  Dominica, Norway, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Mozambique.   The list was actually longer but included women who were acting presidents which is not the same as being elected by the will of the people.

Stereotypes are simply generalities that we use to fit people into nice neat little boxes so we can relate to them.  The problem with generalities is that they don’t always fit the specifics and we do a huge disservice to the individuals that we deal with if we treat them based on the general stereotypes.   Just my thought for the day.


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