Shopping and more shopping

I have to admit that I love Amazon.  I don’t buy a lot from Amazon since I
don’t buy a lot in general but Amazon is great!!  Our lives have changed in so
many ways since the Internet has entered into it.  We have so many more choices
to choose from when it comes to purchasing something and we can make so much
more educated choices.

I decided to purchase a bread maker a couple of
weeks ago.  I checked out the brick and mortar
stores via their website.  I didn’t even have to travel all across the region to
look at the offerings.  I simply had to login.  What a time savings!  I
discovered that I had exactly 2 choices in terms of make and model.  I then went
online to look at their features and get user opinions.  Amazon is great for
this although I looked at other sites too.  I discovered that these models were
not rated that highly especially when you considered their price.  I researched
all of the models that amazon carried and looked at the manufacturers’ sites and
did price comparisons and blah blah blah.  After several hours online, I finally
selected the breadmaker that had the features I wanted for a price that I
thought was reasonable and had good consumer ratings.  I suppose I might have
spent as much time online researching as I would have driving across the region
but I was able to gather so much more information online than I would have
driving around.  Suffice it to say, my bonus for being the Employee of the
Quarter has bought a breadmaker.  I also did copious amounts of research and
purchased a open box set of cutlery.  The cutlery I have is coming up with rust
spots particularly on the knives.

We have also been
doing a lot of research on toys.  Again, Amazon is good for this because people
leave comments on the toys and often tell the ages of their children.  This
gives us a good idea of the ages of kids that might like the toys in question. 
Yes, we can go by the suggested ages but I prefer the real-life story.  It
reassures me that kids that age would actually enjoy the
I wish we had a
bigger budget for the kids.  I can see why parents spend copious amounts of
money on their children at Christmas.  How can you not?  A Baby Dinoland which I
thought was totally adorable was 35$ which might explain why it is still sitting
on the shelf.  Outfits for Dora the Explorer range from 12$ to 60$.  I don’t
dispute that they aren’t cute as a button… but yikes!  We did a fair bit of
discussion on what to get the kids in an effort to make the most of the money we
have to spend on them.
So far… the list
is as follows:
A LeapFrog game with
alphabet rummy(easy) and a math game (for later in life)
Dora the Explorer –
Adventure Dress-up Doll with an additional Artist outfit
Mr. Potato
Fisher Price tea
(And this probably
uses up what we budgeted for toys for her)
Diego game that
teaches letters and words I think
Pirate Potato Head
Dinosaur that moves
and makes sounds
Playdoh set with
little shapes and extruders and such like
(I think he has a
bit left over in his budget for another toy)
This leaves us with
some money to purchase something practical(like maybe some cute monogrammed
towels) and to fill up some stockings that my Mom made for them.  She made some
totally adorable Christmas stockings for them as well as crocheting a clown for
each of them.  We love them so hopefully the kids will too.  So far we have
bought some inexpensive hard books, more playdoh and crayons for their
Sadly, this leaves
me with buying for the rest of my family!!!!  I have only just got started on
that.  Mom and a friend is done (Mom reads… so can’t say here) but the rest of
the family and friends is still up in the air!  I had best get cracking on this
because I have to ship this stuff to Canada so I need to actually finish it by
the beginning of December.

2 responses to “Shopping and more shopping

  1. I’m already feeling of pressure on Xmas gifts this year. I’m thinking of just doing a movie themed basket for all of the couples that I buy for. It’s creative, I’ll personalize each of them, and who wouldn’t like a free night out to the movies? We’ll see though… I could change my mind before then. Good luck with your shopping!~ FC

  2. No Mum doesn’t, read Dave reads it to her. LOL

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