A weird thing…

A couple of weeks ago, I bought some cheap mock turtle necks to wear to work.  I purchased a pale blue one which I wore once then threw in the laundry.  Eduardo left it in the dryer with a pale peach towel.  Now this towel has got to be 20 years old and is at least 11 years old because I had it in Canada.  After leaving those two damp things in the dryer for the day, he finished drying them and pulled them out.  The entire back of the shirt had orange/red blotches on them.

It seems that the towel bled all over the shirt.  How is this possible for having the towel for so long?  Could there possibly have been any dye left in that puppy after so many years of washing?  I am not sure what happened except that a perfectly brand new shirt was thrown in the garbage *sigh*


2 responses to “A weird thing…

  1. Probably chemicals in new shirt did it.

  2. Laundry mysteries always confound me.
    I’m the one that always accidently throws the brand new red item in with all the whites….  *sigh*

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