Are Breadmakers picky?

I have to admit that it has been years since I had a bread maker.  I received a used one from my ex-mother-in-law maybe 8 or 9 years ago.  We used it for several years until it died but never replaced it.  We loved it and it was easy to use.  The bread always turned out perfect.  I never had to worry about measuring the temperature of the water or ensuring that the yeast was room temperature.  I put in warm water measuring its warmth with my hand and put the ingredients in the pan in the order that the recipe indicated. 

Not so lucky last night.  The bread turned out great if you could ignore the fact that it didn’t rise quite as much as it should have.   It basically turned out like bread I would make.  It tasted great though.  I just have to get it to rise.  So… tonight I am heading to the store to buy myself a thermometer so I can accurately measure that water temperature.  That is the only thing that wasn’t according to the recipe.  The yeast was brand new and at room temperature.

We also received our cutlery.  The cutlery is quite nice and was a real bargain because it was open box.  Despite the fact that the description said no damage one of the forks had some long scratches the length of the entire fork.  But… for that price (~1/4 of the original)… I guess one damaged piece is a small price to pay.


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